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10/21/2017 08:18 PM
5 facts about Heaven from the Bible
Here are some facts about Heaven that will help you live a fulfilling Christian life here on earth.

10/21/2017 08:10 PM
The Christian way to cure your bad mood swings
How should a Christian handle mood swings? The Bible has a prescription for it called the Gospel. Read on to see how it works.

10/21/2017 08:06 PM
3 reasons even the most devoted Christians can experience dry seasons
We're churchgoing, Bible-reading, faithful Christians. So why is it sometimes we have seasons where we just can't feel God?

10/21/2017 07:50 PM
Why God lets His people experience spiritual darkness
Why does God allow His people to go through times of spiritual darkness? The answers might surprise you! Read on!

10/21/2017 07:44 PM
Why saying the sinner's prayer is not enough
The sinner's prayer is not a magic formula for entering the Kingdom of Heaven and here's why.

10/21/2017 07:37 PM
Duggar family news: Josh Duggar loses privacy lawsuit against In Touch
Former "19 Kids and Counting" star Josh Duggar has just lost his lawsuit against In Touch Weekly, the magazine that broke the news of his child molestation scandal from several years back.

10/21/2017 07:34 PM
Should Christians celebrate Halloween? Christian leader tells parents to 'make their own decision before God'
Is it harmless fun or is the holiday just plain evil?

10/21/2017 03:19 PM
XXX Church explains why pornography just kills intimacy in relationships
Despite repeated warnings against the use of porn, many people still fall susceptible to its trap. The sad reality is - once people start using porn, they find themselves unable to quit the bad habit.

10/21/2017 03:11 PM
What's the best way to support suicidal people in your church?
After Saddleback's Rick and Kay Warren lost their son Matthew to suicide due to mental illness, they're helping other Christians understand it and what they can do to help others suffering.

10/21/2017 02:59 PM
Hailey Baldwin looks cool in Hillsong baseball cap for church service, says she will raise her kids Christian
People love copying whatever the stars are wearing, so when supermodel Hailey Baldwin stepped out wearing a Hillsong Church cap, she was indirectly promoting the church and getting more people curious about her Christian faith.

10/21/2017 02:56 PM
Sports Illustrated model Ashley Graham says her pastor follows her on Instagram
Being a lingerie model and a Christian does not seem to go hand in hand, but Ashley Graham thinks it works and even keeps her grounded in the industry.

10/21/2017 02:50 PM
Former Westboro Baptist Church member is now an Instagram star who posts racy selfies
The former Westboro Baptist Church member is now a fitness instructor with over 3 million Instagram fans and says her success is down to God's mercy.

10/21/2017 10:38 AM
Church Urban Fund calls on churches to stand against homelessness
Groups across England are being encouraged to give up a night's comfort to raise money to fund work with people experiencing homelessness through Church Urban Fund's Together programme.

10/21/2017 10:13 AM
Port officials in Sudan detain Arabic Bible shipment
Sudanese authorities have detained a shipment of Bibles for more than two years without explanation.

10/21/2017 09:30 AM
In Kirkuk, Kurds' joy turns to fear after Iraqi army takeover
The army's recapture of oil-producing Kirkuk province and other territory across northern Iraq has dismayed the city's Kurds but brought comfort to residents from other ethnic groups.

10/21/2017 09:13 AM
Spain plans new elections in Catalonia to end independence bid
The Spanish government has secured opposition support for dissolving Catalonia's parliament and holding new elections there in January in its bid to check the regional government's push for independence.

10/21/2017 08:57 AM
Ambush in Egyptian desert leaves 30 policemen dead
A number of suspected militants were also killed and security forces are combing the area, a statement by the Interior Ministry said.

10/21/2017 08:37 AM
Campaigners in final push on Australia's gay marriage referendum
Though the postal ballot is non-binding, a 'yes' vote is expected to lead to the legalisation of same-sex marriage which could further fracture the government of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

10/20/2017 09:03 PM
3 things that happen when we don't have faith
When we don't have faith, it can block some really important blessings.

10/20/2017 04:34 PM
3 practical things husbands can do to love their wives like Christ loved the church
That sounds pretty challenging. After all, we're not Christ, and we're not perfect and sinless like Him. But it's actually really exciting.