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04/20/2018 03:20 PM
Four Christians charged in Sudan amidst state-church conflict
New criminal charges have been brought against four members of one of Sudan's largest Protestant denominations, while 36 other Christians will appear next week on unspecified charges.

04/20/2018 02:10 PM
Syrian priest who ministers in ravaged Aleppo: 'It's God mercy that I stayed'
A priest in Aleppo has told of how he has chosen to stay in the Syria city that suffered massive destruction in the country's civil war in order to minister to the people there.

04/20/2018 11:32 AM
Philippines bishops slam 'unspeakable violence' of 'despotic' state after nun's arrest
Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte has revealed he ordered an investigation into an Australian nun for 'disorderly conduct', in a move against what he called 'undesirable' foreigners. The country's bishops have in turn hit out at Duterte's 'despotic government' and condemned 'unspeakable violence' being committed against religious institutions.

04/20/2018 10:57 AM
Discipleship 101: Why read the Bible?
We all have habits – things we do on a regular basis, some of which we do almost without thinking.

04/20/2018 10:12 AM
'I try to be optimistic, but it is difficult': The real story of what life is like for Christians in Iraq
In order to understand the plight of Christians in modern-day Iraq, it is important to go back not just to 2014, when Islamic State forced on them a brutal choice between dying, converting or fleeing the northern city of Mosul, but further: to the 2003 US-led invasion of the country.

04/20/2018 10:09 AM
Chilean cardinal calls for Bishop Barros to resign over sex abuse crisis
The head of the Chilean Catholic Church said on Thursday that Juan Barros, the bishop accused of covering up clerical sex abuse, should resign. It comes just over a week after Pope Francis, who had previously defended Barros, admitted 'grave mistakes' in his handling of Chile's abuse crisis.

04/20/2018 09:43 AM
The 'greatest miracle': Israel at 70
To me the resurrection of the State of Israel in 1948, 2,000 years after her forced demise at the hands of the Romans and subsequent occupations by Christians and Muslims (culminating in the British occupation from 1922-47) is the greatest miracle the world has known.

04/20/2018 08:58 AM
Vietnamese pastor imprisoned for faith says his suffering was a 'gift from God'
A Vietnamese pastor who was jailed for his faith has related the intense abuse he experienced in jail, but said that his imprisonment was a 'gift' from God.

04/20/2018 08:56 AM
Ecclesiastes 8: How to live in a corrupt society
Unless you live in the privileged world of the privileged you have to face up to the question of how fallible fallen human beings are to live in a corrupt society.

04/19/2018 08:36 PM
What was Billy Graham like as a dad? Son Franklin shares insight into late evangelist's life
What was it like to have Billy Graham as a father? Many people are curious as to what the world-renowned evangelist was like at home with his family, so his son, Franklin, has shared some of his fondest memories in a new book called "Through My Father's Eyes."

04/19/2018 07:21 PM
Did '13 Reasons Why' encourage this young girl to commit suicide? Petition asks Netflix to pull plug on Season 2
The parents of a 14-year-old girl who killed herself last year believe the show was connected to their daughter's death and want Netflix to pull the plug on the second season

04/19/2018 07:05 PM
Stephen Baldwin says God doesn't need a revival: 'The Holy Spirit is always who He is'
Many Christians have long been calling for a spiritual revival, but Oscar-nominated actor Stephen Baldwin believes there's no need for one because God's power and strength have always been consistent.

04/19/2018 03:55 PM
How do Christian or 'spiritual' Americans practise 'self-care'?
Mental health and wellbeing is an increasing priority not only in popular culture but in the church. A study recently shared by Barna reveals how many Americans who consider themselves Christian or 'spiritual' practise 'self-care'.

04/19/2018 03:52 PM
China's Xi Jinping has 'particular animosity' to Christians says head of persecution watchdog
Chinese president Xi Jinping has a 'particular animosity' against Christians, according to the head of a persecution watchdog.

04/19/2018 03:43 PM
Opelo Kgari: The Christian woman facing deportation after living the UK half her life
Opelo Kgali was on her way to yoga with friends when she was suddenly taken to Yarls Wood detention centre and threatened with deportation without warning.

04/19/2018 03:32 PM
NT Wright: St Paul was an 'extremist' who would despair at our church disunity
What should modernity make of St Paul? It's one question the world-leading biblical scholar NT Wright has sought to engage in his latest book 'Paul: A Biography'.

04/19/2018 03:31 PM
Church of England welcomes 'great week' for the environment after government announcements on plastics ban
The Church of England's lead bishop on the environment has claimed that planned government initiatives on the environment unveiled in recent days mean this could prove to be a 'great week' for environmental policy in the UK.

04/19/2018 02:55 PM
A bizarre claim India invented the internet has troubling parallels for Christians
Now we know: it wasn't Sir Tim Berners-Lee who invented the internet, but ancient Indians thousands of years ago.

04/19/2018 02:44 PM
Exclusive: Theresa May is 'not behaving like a Christian' and should consider resigning, says David Lammy
Systemic racism is in the government as well as much of society and Theresa May, who 'is not behaving like a Christian' over immigration, should consider resigning, the campaigning MP David Lammy has said.

04/19/2018 02:40 PM
BAME clergy to receive special mentoring in Church of England bid to boost diversity
Black and ethnic minority future clergy will receive special mentoring under a scheme to be set up by the Church of England.