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03/21/2018 08:48 PM
Doctored Photo Prompts a Keeper of the Pope’s Image to Step Down
Msgr. Dario Vigano resigned as the head of Vatican communications after an embarrassing attempt to manipulate a letter written by the retired pope, Benedict.

03/21/2018 06:20 PM
A New Italy, Imagined by Artists and Demagogues
Two exhibitions — one in Milan, the other in Florence — examine art’s relationship to Italian politics, and find that the two are never far apart.

03/19/2018 11:00 AM
5 Years Ago Luigi Di Maio Was Living at Home. Now He May Lead Italy.
Mr. Di Maio’s meteoric and improbable rise reflects Italy’s newly turbulent politics, as well as the lack of experience of his Five Star party.

03/17/2018 05:57 PM
Pope Francis Makes Pilgrimage to Honor a Rock-Star Saint
The pope visited the sites where St. Pio, better known as Padre Pio, lived and died, and paid homage to his enduring legacy.

03/13/2018 05:05 PM
Why Pasta Is the Answer to Trump
This is a story about rigatoni. And bucatini. And yes, the president.

03/12/2018 03:45 PM
Not Just a Pretty Facade, Palermo’s Opera Is an Anti-Mafia Symbol
Palermo’s Teatro Massimo is the biggest opera house in Italy and a symbol of the mafia’s disgrace in Sicily. It also starred in “The Godfather: Part III.”

03/10/2018 09:30 PM
Italy Has Dumped America. For Russia.
In Europe and elsewhere, the U.S. is a baffling and diminished suitor.

03/08/2018 07:38 PM
Want to Understand What Is Wrong With Europe? Look at Italy
Across the Continent, the European Union has shattered the old politics.

03/08/2018 02:26 AM
Rome’s Subway Project Keeps Digging Up Archaeological Marvels
A second-century domus, or house, with at least 14 rooms and a fountain is the latest discovery to emerge during the construction of a new subway line.

03/06/2018 05:40 AM
Italy’s Five-Star Electoral Performance
Italians opt for illiberal chaos, splitting Europe further.