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13/07/2018 08:00 AM
"The New EU Budget Under The Constraints Of Brexit And The Debt Brake" by Susanne Wixforth
The UK’s exit from the EU means a contributions gap of an estimated €10-14 billion per year, around 7 percent of the EU Budget. Thereby, the discussion about the multi-annual financial framework has already set off in one direction: How do we fill the gap rather than how do we reform the budget? At the […]

13/07/2018 07:00 AM
"Are We Still Good Europeans?" by Jürgen Habermas
When I graduated from high school, my career aspiration was listed on my diploma: Habermas wants to become a journalist, it said. Yet once I began working for the Gummersbach section of the Cologne daily Kölner Stadtanzeiger, and then again when I wrote under Adolf Frisé for the culture pages of the Handelsblatt, it was […]

12/07/2018 08:00 AM
"How To Resolve Europe’s Political Crisis Over Migration" by Guy Verhofstadt
Since the European Union’s migration crisis peaked in 2015, the number of illegal migrants arriving in the EU has fallen by 95%. Migration challenges remain, and reform of the EU’s methods for managing immigration is desperately needed, as the recent scandalous treatment of the Aquarius rescue vessel, which Italy and Malta turned away, made all too […]

12/07/2018 07:00 AM
"The Last Chapter Of The Macedonian Question?" by Evangelos Liaras
It all felt like the end of a James Bond movie: a flotilla of motorboats sailing across a peaceful lake in a Balkan landscape. On the shores of Lake Prespa, the prime ministers of Greece and soon-to-be North Macedonia had just signed an agreement ending a 27-year dispute. These were historic moments. Protracted international conflicts […]

11/07/2018 08:00 AM
"Are Money Matters Moral Matters? A Plea For ‘Yes’" by Carlos Joly
Money matters. Money in national budget allocations determines who gets health care, who gets educated, who gets unemployment cover, which industries and companies are favored, and whether the country goes to war. Obviously, national budget line items say much about a society’s moral beliefs, its governance and who wields real power. As the song says, […]

11/07/2018 07:00 AM
"Not An Abdication By The Left" by Stuart Holland
James Downes and Edward Chan (Social Europe, 29 June) have written of the debacle of the social democratic Left in Europe and echoed others such as Sheri Berman who has claimed that this is because it has run out of ideas (see here) while Dani Rodrik of Harvard, even more sweepingly, has claimed that, since […]

10/07/2018 08:00 AM
"New Deal For Irish Families" by Stephan Köppe
With the repeal of the 8th amendment Irish women and their partners will have a choice if and when to have children later this year. This choice will have major implications for social policy and the development of a family-friendly welfare state in Ireland. From my own experience Irish people are extremely child-friendly but Ireland […]

10/07/2018 07:00 AM
"Flexibility And Labour Protection? “Wolf Full And Lamb Alive” Fairy Tale" by Vanya Grigorova
The declared objectives of the proposed Directive on transparent and predictable working conditions published by the European Commission are praiseworthy but the measures envisaged are far from satisfactory. Faults of the new Directive The Directive aims to give meaning to the European pillar of social rights (EPSR) but this should not, however, be at the […]

09/07/2018 08:00 AM
"Trade Performance In EU Internal Market In Euro Era" by John Weeks
European integration began as a political project to institutionalize peace and cooperation, with the Coal and Steel Community the initial step. In the late 1980s and into the 1990s, roughly coinciding with the end of the Cold War, priorities changed – from peace and cooperation to trade competitiveness. The Treaty on European Union (TEU) formalized […]

09/07/2018 07:00 AM
"Trade Unions And A Completely Different World Of Work" by Kate Holman
Work is not what it used to be. Change is accelerating on all sides. And whether it is robots replacing people; digitalisation; freelance, short-term and zero-hours contracts or decarbonisation targeting traditional industries, few workers in Europe remain untouched. How do trade unions respond to all that? One message that emerged from a ‘big conference’ on […]