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25/05/2018 01:59 PM
Why it’s time to regulate the ‘big data’ giants
Mark Zuckerberg's EU hearing was little more than window-dressing. It's time for governments to look at breaking up the online monopolies.

25/05/2018 11:41 AM
Workers win major concession over outsourcing at University of London
But the union plan to keep the pressure up, after the university offered only 'vague commitments' to take some services back in house.

25/05/2018 08:59 AM
The Daily Mail’s desperate attempts to silence the anti-Brexit movement will fail
People power can and will overcome the bullying and intimidation of the Mail, writes Best for Britain's Eloise Todd.

24/05/2018 03:37 PM
To end bad management, we need to look at who bears the risk in Britain’s broken economy
Prem Sikka argues that suppliers and employees must be compensated when companies go bust.

24/05/2018 02:57 PM
EU Amazon workers are winning the fight against exploitation. Could the UK be next?
Amazon Italy has finally agreed to work with unions, Spanish fulfilment centres are on strike, and German workers have erupted in protest. Amazon.co.uk is next on the line.

24/05/2018 09:46 AM
The Tories must give us houses – or pack up and move
Successive Conservative governments let the housing crisis spiral out of control. If they don't want to tackle it, someone else should be at the helm.

23/05/2018 03:25 PM
How ‘Accountable Care Organisations’ threaten the very existence of our NHS
Two major developments in our health service could open it up to private takeovers. They must be stopped.

23/05/2018 02:20 PM
Why we’re fighting Jeremy Hunt’s NHS plans in the High Court
The Health Secretary's plans for the NHS could mark the back-door privatisation of our health service. Thousands are backing a judicial review to halt the controversial shake-up.

23/05/2018 12:13 PM
TUC leader says public need more say on the Brexit deal
Pressure is piling on the government to ensure greater scrutiny of the Brexit deal. Will the TUC end up backing a 'people's vote'?

23/05/2018 10:24 AM
NHS staff strike against plans to outsource low-paid workers to arms-length companies
NHS Trusts are setting up private companies in a bid to reduce their VAT bills - but staff fear the new bodies could threaten the future of our NHS.