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04/27/2017 09:50 AM
Cassini radio signal from Saturn picked up after dive
The Cassini spacecraft is back in contact with Earth after diving in between Saturn's rings and cloudtops.

04/27/2017 07:24 AM
British Veterinary Association slams designer cat breeding
Scottish Fold cats have increased in popularity through social media.

04/26/2017 11:22 PM
First Americans claim sparks controversy
A study that claims humans reached the Americas 130,000 years ago, much earlier than previously suggested, has run into controversy.

04/26/2017 04:40 PM
Builders 'behind UK flooding risk'
Government rapped again for failure to tighten flood-prevention rules on new homes

04/26/2017 04:30 PM
Baby humpback whales 'whisper' to mums to avoid predators
New recordings show newborn humpback whales and mothers "whisper" to each other, to avoid predators.

04/26/2017 03:21 PM
'Fossil' groundwater's modern secret
The deepest and oldest waters on Earth are not immune from contamination, warn scientists.

04/26/2017 07:27 AM
Physics of throwing analysed by scientists
Scientists have calculated the optimal strategy for throwing something accurately, even a ball of paper.

04/25/2017 10:46 PM
Primitive human 'lived much more recently'
Homo naledi could be from just 200,000 years ago, not three million, a study suggests.

04/25/2017 07:14 PM
Premature lambs kept alive in 'plastic bag' womb
Scientists were able to keep premature lambs alive for a month using an artificial "plastic bag" womb.

04/25/2017 06:16 PM
Family tree of dogs reveals secret history of canines
The largest family tree of dog ever assembled shows how dogs evolved into more than 150 modern breeds.

04/25/2017 01:42 PM
Iceberg 'doodles'
Scientists publish a new atlas of the poles, detailing the sometimes strange shapes on the ocean floor.

04/25/2017 01:25 PM
Why does this rhino have 24-hour security?
Sudan is a the northern white rhino, and the last chance for the survival of his species.

04/25/2017 08:59 AM
'World's oldest fungus' raises evolution questions
Fossils found in rock from beneath the sea may be the oldest known fungi by one to two billion years.

04/25/2017 02:11 AM
Can plastic roads help save the planet?
A start-up company is persuading local councils in the UK to turn local plastic waste into roads.

04/25/2017 01:54 AM
Brexit university ‘brain drain’ warning
Academic staff from EU countries should be urgently guaranteed a right to stay, say MPs.

04/25/2017 01:52 AM
Machine learning
Many people are unsure about what machine learning is, but the chances are they are using it every day.

04/24/2017 08:06 PM
Plastic-eating caterpillar could munch waste, scientists say
A caterpillar that munches on plastic bags could hold the key to tackling plastic waste, say scientists.

04/24/2017 07:13 PM
Trump calls record-breaking astronaut Peggy Whitson
'Better you than me,' jokes US president as astronaut Peggy Whitson reveals drinking recycled urine.

04/24/2017 06:52 PM
Government seeks clear air plan delay
The UK government may face legal action after seeking to delay publishing its plan to tackle air pollution until after the general election.

04/24/2017 04:37 PM
Munch inspired by 'screaming clouds'
A new theory may explain the background to one of the most famous works of art ever produced.

04/24/2017 05:50 AM
Ex-child soldier wins environment prize
An ex-child soldier who has spent years risking his life to fight illegal mining and wildlife poaching in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been given a prestigious award that honours 'environmental defenders' around the world.

04/24/2017 01:50 AM
Road verges 'last refuge' for plants - conservation charity
Roadsides are often littered with rubbish and weeds but they are havens for rare flowers.

04/23/2017 12:54 PM
Kuki Gallmann shot and wounded at Kenya conservation park
Kuki Gallmann, author of I Dreamed of Africa, is flown to hospital after an ambush.

04/22/2017 11:51 PM
March for Science: Rallies worldwide to protest against political interference
Thousands of scientists demonstrate in cities around the world against an "assault on facts".

04/22/2017 11:20 AM
The village that made itself hedgehog friendly
Hedgehogs, nursed back to health in an animal sanctuary, are released in the village of Burton Fleming, East Yorkshire.

04/22/2017 10:59 AM
Cassini probe heads towards Saturn 'grand finale'
The Cassini satellite puts itself on a trajectory that will take it to destruction in September.

04/21/2017 02:29 AM
Circular runways
The engineer who proposed circular runways answers critics in defence of his radical design for airports.

04/21/2017 01:43 AM
Birth of last baby orca in captivity filmed at SeaWorld
Killer whale Takara was already pregnant when the end of the breeding programme was announced.

04/20/2017 04:30 PM
Cut-back crew for ISS launch
Russia scales back staff on the ISS until a long-delayed space lab is sent to the outpost in 2018.

04/20/2017 12:31 PM
New Zealand earthquake gives unexpected benefit
Raised coastline could end the threat of sea erosion for the time being.

04/19/2017 11:31 PM
Restless mountains
European satellites will routinely map every land volcano on Earth, looking for early eruption signs.

04/18/2017 11:32 PM
Whale world
A study that attached cameras with suction cups to the backs of Antarctic whales has revealed never before seen feeding habits and social interactions.

04/10/2017 08:09 PM
Ancient walker
It's not a household name, but an ancient amphibian found in the Scottish borders fills a crucial period in the evolutionary record.

04/09/2017 12:45 AM
Delivery delay
See the animals born since the world's been watching for April the giraffe to give birth

04/08/2017 02:10 AM
Galactic garbage
Millions of pieces of human-made trash are orbiting the Earth. Some are tiny, but all pose a risk.

04/07/2017 01:31 AM
Farm of the future
Could edible caterpillars help fight malnutrition and food security problems in West Africa?

03/31/2017 01:27 AM
Shutting up shop
China begins closing down its legal ivory trade, but will consumer attitudes to prized artwork change?

03/27/2017 01:54 AM
Testing for 'defectives'
After years of protest, the University of Melbourne has removed the name of a controversial figure.

03/27/2017 01:41 AM
'Fake research' comes under scrutiny
The scale of "fake research" in the UK appears to have been underestimated, a BBC investigation suggests.

03/25/2017 01:29 AM
Cardboard cribs
What evidence is there that Finland's famous baby boxes actually reduce infant mortality rates?