UCB Word For Today

Changing Lives For Good
By The Power Of God's Word

01/01/1970 12:00 AM
Speak well of them
When General Robert E. Lee was asked by Confederate US President Jefferson Davis to give his opinion about a certain officer, he gave a glowing report. One of the officers in attendance was amazed at...

01/01/1970 12:00 AM
Go by the book
How long should you keep praying and believing God for the answer? Until He tells you differently. In other words, go by the book! ‘Do not cast away your confidence, which has great reward. For you...

01/01/1970 12:00 AM
God will make it up to you
Kristine Steakley writes: ‘Loss can make us feel forsaken and utterly destroyed…For many divorce meant leaving the house we grew up in, our neighbourhood, our friends, our school…even our church...

01/01/1970 12:00 AM
Flattery will get you nowhere
When Stephen Spielberg was a skinny teenager, he became the target of a bully. Fed up with the constant harassment which he later described as ‘hell on earth’, he decided to flatter the bully by...

01/01/1970 12:00 AM
The wonder of grace
Some of us live as if God has a big performance chart with our name on it, and at the end of each day He grades us to determine if He will love us more, or less, or at all. You say, ‘If I were God,...

01/01/1970 12:00 AM
Unmoved by any circumstance
By age twenty-nine, author Carson McCullers had suffered three strokes. Then while she was still crippled and partially paralysed, her husband committed suicide. Despite her problems she forced...

01/01/1970 12:00 AM
Be an encourager
When Enrico took his first voice lesson at ten, the teacher said, ‘You haven’t any voice at all.’ But Enrico’s mother heard greatness in her son’s voice. She believed in his talent. And even though...