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11/12/2017 12:00 AM
Do what God has told you (1)
Noah’s ark measured 300 cubits in length, 50 cubits in width, and 30 cubits in height. A cubit is the equivalent of 17.5 inches. That means the ark was the length of one and a half football fields....

10/12/2017 01:00 AM
Don’t ‘go it alone’
Zerubbabel was called to rebuild the temple. It was a huge undertaking, so God told him, ‘“It is not by force nor by strength, but by my Spirit,” says the LORD…“Nothing, not even a mighty mountain,...

09/12/2017 01:00 AM
Don’t be a hypocrite
Here’s a working definition of the word hypocrisy: ‘to be seen by men’. Jesus had a no-tolerance policy when it came to hypocrisy. Why? Because He knew it turns people against God. Instead, He taught...

08/12/2017 01:00 AM
Labour and laziness
In the book of Proverbs, Solomon uses the word sluggard no less than seventeen times. A sluggard isn’t a person who would work but can’t find a job; a sluggard is a person who could work but won’t....

07/12/2017 01:00 AM
Seven scriptural steps to success
Here are seven scriptural steps to success in life: 1) Put God first. He wants you to succeed; what good parent wouldn’t? So work on your relationship with Him. ‘Acquaint now thyself with him…thereby...

06/12/2017 01:00 AM
‘Lord, what should I do?’ (4)
Another way God will lead you is: Through confronting your fear and taking a step of faith. Are you feeling uncertain or afraid as to God’s will in the situation? His promise to you is: ‘I will lead...

05/12/2017 01:00 AM
‘Lord, what should I do?’ (3)
Another way God will lead you is: Through godly advice. Moses experienced this. Instead of getting help, he tried to do it all himself. At that point his father-in-law, Jethro, said to him, ‘What you...