06/29/2017 01:56 AM
30 years after Saddam gassed Iranian Kurds, victims still suffering
Mustard gas and nerve agents were dropped on four areas of the populated region, killing 110

06/29/2017 12:01 AM
Shiite force says will participate in imminent Hawija operation
"No span of territory must be liberated without the involvement of the Hashd al-Shaabi

06/28/2017 10:49 PM
Kurdish President Barzani: Timing of independence is subject to negotiation
independence subject to negotiation with Baghdad, consultation with neighbors

06/28/2017 05:05 PM
Ministry in Baghdad authorized to challenge Kurdish oil shipment
“It does feel like a bit of a test case

06/28/2017 12:03 AM
Arab tourists fear losing their ‘Beloved North’ after Kurdistan referendum
The rest of Iraq calls Kurdistan “Shimal Habib” or Beloved North

06/27/2017 11:14 PM
UK prof rejects Arabic article quoting him denying Kurds exist as a people
Prof. Charles Tripp denied he'd said there are no such people as Kurds

06/27/2017 12:26 AM
Years on, Halabja still waiting for full province status
"The shortcoming is from both governments, particularly the Kurdistan Region

06/26/2017 11:50 PM
Iraqi tourists enjoy Erbil’s tourist spots

06/26/2017 09:20 PM
Yezidi women, children freed from ISIS cry for family still missing
Four women, two children freed from ISIS are reunited with family

06/26/2017 05:00 PM
Summer heat draws thousands of Iraqi tourists to Kurdistan’s highlands
“I’m really captivated by the mountains,"

06/26/2017 02:00 PM
Fmr CIA Director: Kurds have right to independent state, but may stay longer with Iraq
"they’re going to have to get a good deal

06/25/2017 02:45 PM
Mass Peshmerga celebration of Eid on Kirkuk frontlines

06/25/2017 12:03 PM
Peshmerga repel ISIS in hour-long predawn clashes west of Kirkuk
Two of his Peshmerga “were slightly injured”.

06/25/2017 02:40 AM
Kurdish leaders wish Muslims a happy feast at end of Ramadan
“I warmly congratulate the proud families of the martyrs

06/24/2017 08:24 PM
Kurdistan Region official announces rescue of more Yezidis from Syria
one of them is said to be the nephew of Nadia Murad

06/24/2017 01:37 PM
Kurdish family killed in Mosul air strike, bodies trapped under rubble
At Ifttar [breaking fast] time a missile hit my father’s house

06/24/2017 12:06 PM
Kurdish singer connects refugee children with outside world through books and songs

06/23/2017 10:34 PM
PUK, Gorran: Preparations for referendum should be made after parliament sits
'Complete preparations' for referendum should come after parliament sits

06/23/2017 07:31 PM
Kirkuk wants Iraqi IDPs from liberated areas to go home
There are over 600,000 IDPs in Kirkuk

06/23/2017 05:58 PM
Kirkuk security arrest 39 on ‘terrorism’ charges in major predawn raid
Nearly 3,000 officers from various security forces took part in the operation

06/23/2017 04:46 PM
Kurdish farms pin hope on Iraqi markets for excess supply
“I transport two or three containers to Bagdad weekly,”

06/23/2017 12:35 AM
Kurdish President Barzani tells EU leaders referendum is 'irreversible'
do not “antagonize the natural, legal and God given right

06/22/2017 11:00 PM
PUK encourages KDP and Gorran work on parliament reactivation feud
PUK will make other efforts to bring [together] the KDP and Gorran

06/22/2017 04:22 PM
War of words: Kurdish official calls on Iran's supreme leader to mind own business
By same logic, we are also entitled to talk about fate of Iran's Kurdistan

06/22/2017 02:29 PM
Barzani tells Mosul tribes that referendum is to prevent new cycle of killing
“I will not hide it from you that I am concerned about the forthcoming events

06/22/2017 12:29 PM
Peshmerga imposing lengthy delays for IDPs at checkpoints, says rights group
Delay is necessary to conduct security checks, say Kurdish officials

06/22/2017 12:50 AM
President Barzani: 'We can’t wait anymore' for permission on Kurdish referendum
“a decision that is now irreversible

06/21/2017 09:05 PM
Kurdish official: Delayed Hawija operation increases threat on Kirkuk security
ISIS still controls 30 percent of Kirkuk territory

06/21/2017 06:22 PM
Refugees trained on vegetable, poultry farming for food and income
"Families are struggling, some resorting to reducing their meal sizes ...each day

06/21/2017 03:17 PM
Refugee children in Erbil reflect on their reality at UN art event
“I drew a house and flowers. I wish flowers and happiness will come back in my country,”

06/21/2017 12:40 PM
Khanaqin: We may be Shiites, but it’s a big “Yes” for Kurdistan independence
“We consider ourselves part of the Kurdistan Region,”

06/21/2017 02:50 AM
Rudaw Media Network to support anti-smoking campaign
The project will distribute 100 different prizes

06/20/2017 04:43 PM
Decades on, thousands of Iranian Kurds still refugees in Kurdistan Region
they are among thousands of Kurds from Iran living in limbo in the Kurdistan Region for decades

06/20/2017 11:55 AM
Peshmerga repels another ISIS assault on Khurmatu, fatalities reported
as many as 60 ISIS militants waged the attack

06/20/2017 02:59 AM
Global efforts focus on prosecution to end rape in war
'Prosecution is a form of prevention,' said UN's Jan Kubis

06/20/2017 12:54 AM
Long delay, high temps cause of mass food poisoning in Mosul IDP camp
The food was prepared at 9:00 in the morning, then delivered at Sunset

06/19/2017 11:37 PM
Barzani: Referendum decision is made, there is no turning back
President Barzani met with Iraqi parliament speaker al-Jabouri

06/19/2017 10:07 PM
EU cautions against Kurdistan independence vote, urges dialogue
EU supported Iraqi unity and warned against 'unilateral actions'

06/19/2017 05:47 PM
Nadia Murad inspires Texas pastors to bring “Boxes of Hope” to Iraq’s displaced
“The greatest power in the world is to love, knowing the truth,”

06/19/2017 04:40 PM
Syrian minister: Kurdish independence an ‘external meddling’ to split the region
referendum is not suitable now as Iraq and the Kurdistan Region are in the state of war

06/19/2017 02:28 PM
Kurdish courts balance justice, punishment for ISIS-linked suspects
“Duhok prisons are packed with ISIS suspects,”

06/18/2017 09:56 PM
PUK conditions support for referendum on reactivated parliament
The decision came with the majority of the votes from the party's leadership

06/18/2017 06:43 PM
Colorful Kurdish flags adorn shops and streets ahead of referendum
many shops and streets are adorned with the Kurdish flag

06/18/2017 05:45 PM
Shabak Kurds of Nineveh want to be part of a new Kurdish state
“We want to return to the Kurdistan state.”

06/18/2017 04:05 PM
Kurdistan electoral body needs 60,000 temporary workers for referendum
The new hires will be employed on a contract basis

06/18/2017 11:38 AM
Peshmerga repulses new ISIS assault in Khurmatu, kills all attackers
the assailants were Pakistani and Indonesian

06/18/2017 12:40 AM
KDP hopeful to have Gorran participation in reactivated parliament
“We will try our best to include Gorran in reopening the parliament,”

06/17/2017 10:57 PM
DNA tests sent out of Region after mistakes in Halabja missing child case
There is a decision that the examinations of Halabja’s missing children will be done in the UK

06/17/2017 08:42 PM
Peshmerga under daily ISIS sniper fire on Hawija front
Military operation on Hawija has been delayed three times

06/17/2017 05:39 PM
Turkish troops enter Kurdistan border areas, bomb PKK positions
Turkish warplanes first attacked PKK positions for hours.

06/17/2017 04:24 PM
Iranian handicraft exhibition opens in Erbil's downtown market
The exhibition is scheduled to continue for two weeks

06/17/2017 01:44 PM
Preacher targeted by grenade attack in Sulaimani voices support for referendum
Anyone who does support referendum is "not genuine Kurd," the preacher said

06/17/2017 05:02 AM
Explosion at Sulaimani mosque targets controversial preacher, slightly injures five
A well-known Salafi preacher is among the injured

06/17/2017 02:25 AM
Kurds should not have to wait any longer for referendum, says KRG rep to US
'Our fathers and forefathers have fought for this'

06/17/2017 12:17 AM
Fire destroys most of IDP camp market in Zakho
The camp houses nearly 150,000 IDPs

06/16/2017 10:38 PM
US proposed Kurds hold referendum vote after Iraqi elections, says Fuad Hussein
The US was concerned the referendum could affect Iraqi election results

06/16/2017 09:06 PM
Parties question accuracy of Kurdistan voter list
Just 40 percent of eligible voters have completed biometric registration

06/16/2017 06:13 PM
Masoud Barzani says he will not stand in November’s presidential elections
“I will not stand for election,” Barzani said when asked about elections

06/16/2017 02:09 PM
Masoud Barzani: I was born for independence; referendum is binding
The referendum is for independence and its result must be implemented

06/15/2017 11:20 PM
Kirkuk security arrest five terror suspects
the militants were wanted by a Kirkuk court on allegations of involvement in terror acts

06/15/2017 10:25 PM
Deputy PM Talabani promotes Kurdish issues in EU visit
Talabani raised issues critical to the Kurdistan Region in a string of meetings with European leaders

06/15/2017 08:50 PM
Kirkuk council to defend raising Kurdistan flag in Baghdad court
MPs of the Iraqi Turkmen Front filed a case against Kirkuk council

06/15/2017 06:49 PM
UPDATED: UN has ‘no intention’ to engage with Kurdistan referendum
UN has 'no intention to be engaged in any way or form'

06/15/2017 05:27 PM
Camp residents hit by food poisoning cool off in Khazir river
many jumping into river to swim as temperature surpassed 40 Celsius

06/15/2017 01:22 AM
Yezidis return to Kocho school where ISIS killed men, enslaved women
“They took our honor and dignity from us in this place,”

06/15/2017 12:15 AM
Charity to give 1mn IQD to family of each Peshmerga who died in ISIS war
They plan to distribute the funds to all families before Eid, the end of Ramadan

06/14/2017 09:56 PM
Kirkuk should not be included in Kurdish referendum, says Turkey
“The subjects of sanctions or the closure of borders are not noteworthy for the time being."

06/14/2017 06:18 PM
Gorran turns down 'conditional' offer to reactivate Kurdistan parliament
"normalize the situation through the conditional reactivation of parliament is not acceptable to us,"

06/14/2017 12:56 PM
Peshmerga repel overnight ISIS attack south of Kirkuk, 2 Peshmerga dead
This is 4th ISIS attack on Peshmerga positions near Tuz Khurmatu in a month

06/14/2017 02:19 AM
Officials: Kurdistan to reactivate parliament; Gorran to preside over first session
Parliament Speaker Yousif Mohammed from Gorran to preside the first session for first time since October 2015

06/14/2017 02:00 AM
Oil fire exposes alleged Hashd al-Shaabi smuggling route in southern Kirkuk
“They used [the bottom] half of their truck’s cargo holds to transfer oil

06/14/2017 12:00 AM
Dialysis hospital in Erbil receives Kuwait-funded medical supplies
dialysis unit of Al-Jumhouri Hospital lack dialysis units and medication for patients with kidney disease

06/13/2017 10:30 PM
British FM says Baghdad must agree with Kurdish independence process
“The UK supports a stable, democratic and unified Iraq

06/13/2017 08:14 PM
Erbil health department says child not dead from Mosul camp food poisoning
Monday night, health officials reported one death, and 800 cases of food poisoning

06/13/2017 06:12 PM
Sunni politician not against Kurdistan referendum in contrast to Shiites
“The separation of the Kurdistan Region will put burdens on the region itself,”

06/13/2017 03:50 PM
KCK: Referendum is Kurdistan Region’s democratic right
the process has “emerged from external and internal political pressures.”

06/13/2017 02:51 PM
Yezidis will vote to join Kurdistan in referendum, says MP
“This is a very important issue so that we will figure out which direction our people will choose,”

06/13/2017 05:30 AM
One child dead, 800 ill after food poisoning in Mosul IDP camp
A charity brought an iftar meal for 2,000 IDPs in Khazir camp

06/13/2017 01:51 AM
Kurdish authorities in Kirkuk vet former ISIS 'wives'
I was married off to the ISIS militants four times in two weeks

06/13/2017 12:24 AM
HDP offers congratulations, support for Kurdistan independence vote
'Ankara's message, like always, is bitterness,' said Osman Baydemir

06/12/2017 10:47 PM
UK: Now is not right time for referendum, Baghdad first must authorize
“We do not have a problem with holding a referendum at some stage."

06/12/2017 05:07 PM
KRG takes first step to fund this year’s independence referendum
The government has not yet approved the allocation of all the demanded sum

06/12/2017 01:17 PM
Many PKK Yezidi recruits join Hashd al-Shaabi in Shingal region
Yezidi Kurds in the Shingal region joining the Shiite Hashd al-Shaabi forces continues to date

06/12/2017 03:14 AM
Official: Kurdistan, like Brexit, will hold a referendum followed by negotiation
Zebari: our objective is holding the referendum and then towards statehood

06/12/2017 02:00 AM
KDP Official: Referendum vote more legitimate with functioning parliament
the KDP has again called for the reactivation of parliament

06/11/2017 11:45 PM
Kurdish Jews support independence in 'land of Medians, our prophets’
to put an end for suppression, mass atrocities, displacement ...

06/11/2017 10:19 PM
PM Barzani: Foreign reactions to Kurdistan referendum are ‘very normal’
"the reactions of the countries are very normal. There is nothing in it that could cause concerns,”

06/11/2017 05:56 PM
On Makhmour-Gwer front US and Kurds emphasize continued cooperation
Both sides said military cooperation will continue,

06/11/2017 04:17 PM
Kirkuk security detain two members of an ISIS sleeper cell
“This was a dangerous ISIS sleeper cell."

06/10/2017 11:15 PM
Gorran believes in Kurdish independence, but deems referendum 'illegal'
“The issue of referendum should be the last phase

06/10/2017 05:42 PM
Barzani, Abadi speak on Mosul, first talk since declaring Kurdish referendum
they also “discussed the overall political, security and economic situation in the country,”

06/10/2017 04:41 PM
Bulgaria told of referendum plan during Barzani’s visit, but no stance yet
''Bulgaria has not expressed an official position on the upcoming referendum on the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan''

06/10/2017 11:57 AM
US Kurds face detention, deportation as Trump cracks down on immigration
“This is happening in the middle of the night,"

06/10/2017 02:55 AM
The Long March of the ‘500’ Peshmerga and Crossing the Araxes
Peshmerga became the symbol of Kurdish freedom

06/10/2017 01:00 AM
Senior Kurdish adviser Zebari says 'no going back' on referendum
"We crossed the Rubicon with that decision

06/09/2017 11:55 PM
Divisions in disputed areas fuel independence debate
Tuz Khurmatu has now become the Berlin of Kurdistan

06/09/2017 10:30 PM
Iraq’s constitution violations, years of persecution led Kurds to referendum
All Kurdish rights have been trampled historically

06/09/2017 05:04 PM
Baghdad to buy 50 percent of Kurdish wheat harvest
"It should be stated at the beginning of the year that they will not buy wheat,

06/09/2017 04:00 PM
Long shunned by all, Faili Kurds may find a home in independent Kurdistan
Part of both Kurdistan Region and Iraq, Faili Kurds don't feel welcomed in either

06/09/2017 03:46 PM
Iraqi and foreign reactions to Kurdish referendum plan
Turkey calls it a 'grave mistake', Iraq says no to unilateral referendum, Germany warns against one-sided steps, US shows understanding

06/09/2017 02:55 AM
Kurdish leaders face balancing act at home, abroad in pursuit of independence
Gorran and Komal have not expressed opposition to the referendum

06/08/2017 11:30 PM
Kurdish PM, Italian military chief discuss military cooperation, Mosul Dam
Graziano emphasized the need to maintain aid to the fighting Peshmerga

06/08/2017 09:45 PM
Kurdish President Masoud Barzani pens letter on independence referendum
Thanks be to God, Peshmerga and the proud people of Kurdistan.

06/08/2017 08:45 PM
Women in Kurdistan march through the night for world peace
“As Kurdistan’s women and girls, we send out peace messages to the whole world

06/08/2017 01:49 PM
Kirkuk takes part in Kurdish referendum; PM Barzani says it’s no longer disputed area
"I am sure the people of Kirkuk will vote for it, not only Kurds, but also Arabs and Turkmen,"

06/08/2017 02:53 AM
IDPs from Tal Afar tell of horrors under ISIS rule
They say they are looking for a place where there is life and safety

06/08/2017 02:10 AM
Shingal official says many Yezidis leave Hashd, return to Peshmerga
“In the last few days more than 150 Yezidi Kurds withdrew

06/07/2017 09:30 PM
Kirkuk to stop sending oil if Baghdad mandates energy sharing
"Baghdad has launched a wrong policy against the power sector of Kirkuk,"

06/07/2017 08:29 PM
Kurdistan Region to hold independence referendum on Sept 25
Parliamentary elections set for November 6

06/07/2017 01:57 PM
Baghdad agrees to change Baath-era name of Taamim to Kirkuk
The change came after a formal protest by the local government in Kirkuk

06/07/2017 02:03 AM
PM Barzani: Rosneft deal is not final yet
PM Barzani: total Rosneft investment in the Kurdistan Region is possibly around $3 billion

06/06/2017 09:20 PM
YBS denies handing over Shingal positions to Hashd al-Shaabi
“Our forces have not handed over any of their positions to any other force,”

06/06/2017 07:00 PM
Barzani warns against encroachment of unofficial forces on Kurdish territories
This jeopardizes peace

06/06/2017 06:20 PM
President Barzani to discuss independence referendum with Kurdistan parties
“As the Change Movement, we will not attend the meeting,”

06/06/2017 03:15 PM
Shiite Hashd sweeps PKK group from Shingal region
“We only coordinate with Iraqi forces and have no contacts with non-Iraqi forces.”

06/05/2017 11:10 PM
Barzani and Sunni leader discuss post-ISIS Iraq politics
They discussed “the danger of the disappearance of the consensus and partnership”

06/05/2017 07:05 PM
Chilled fresh fruit juices hit the spot in blistery Ramadan temps
Temperatures rise over 40 Celsius

06/05/2017 05:02 PM
Will the Gorran leader’s son join his father’s party politics?
Mustafa’s two sons will eventually “become involved in politics,”

06/05/2017 04:10 PM
Kurdish Peshmerga who pushed back ISIS need promised treatment abroad
Peshmerga had been promised by European countries

06/05/2017 11:55 AM
ISIS militants kidnap 2, briefly control village in Diyala
An estimated 200 ISIS militants are believed to be present

06/05/2017 01:01 AM
Kurdistan security chief and Abadi discuss Peshmerga-army cooperation
PM Abadi met with Masrour Barzani and Fuad Hussein in Baghdad

06/05/2017 12:17 AM
Unlicensed gun ownership main cause of killings in Kurdistan Region
222 people were killed in Kurdistan Region in past year

06/04/2017 10:28 PM
US has not opposed Kurdistan independence vote, says security council
Security Council refuted statements from Lukman Faily, former ambassador

06/04/2017 09:33 PM
UPDATED: Turkish warplanes bomb Kurdistan Region’s Bradost region
Two jets bombed four areas; no casualties reported

06/04/2017 03:08 AM
‘Let ISIS see we do not die’: Yezidis repair their temples
Volunteers are repairing 20 temples in Bashiqa and Bahzan

06/03/2017 08:35 PM
More couples say ‘I do’ in Sulaimani despite harsh economic times
Marriage rates have increased in 2017

06/03/2017 01:24 PM
Rosneft CEO: Our deal with KRG will help Kurdistan Region economic infrastructure
Kurdistan Region has been a good place for Russian companies.

06/03/2017 12:19 AM
Rosneft deal restores trust in Kurdistan markets, says PM Barzani
Barzani: This is a 'new beginning' in Kurdistan-Russian relations

06/02/2017 07:45 PM
President Putin, PM Barzani meet to improve Russian-Kurdish relations
“We now have good relations

06/02/2017 06:23 PM
Rosneft and Kurdish ministry sign long-term contract on oil and gas
The deal was finalized on the sidelines of the economic forum

06/02/2017 06:06 PM
A photo journey home with ISIS survivor Nadia Murad to her Yezidi village
After nearly three years Nadia Murad returns to her hometown

06/02/2017 04:45 PM
PM Barzani: KRG to expand energy, political, economic ties with Russia
“We now have good relations

06/02/2017 04:30 PM
Russian energy minister says deals made with high level Kurdish delegation
"We have a very good relation with Kurdistan

06/02/2017 01:28 AM
PM Barzani meets Russia energy minister, Gazprom officials
Gazprom has product-sharing contract for oil exploration in Kurdistan

06/01/2017 10:36 PM
Gorran pushes PUK to commit to cooperation agreement
Gorran made the call in a statement on PUK's 42nd anniversary

06/01/2017 08:50 PM
Overcome with grief, Nadia Murad, ISIS survivor, returns to hometown
“Now the village is surrounded by mass graves.”

06/01/2017 04:10 PM
Christian community in Erbil mark end of Holy Mary Month

06/01/2017 02:25 PM
ISIS-imprisoned Peshmerga had promised family he would return for Ramadan festivities
Married and father of five children, Omar Saed was captured by ISIS

06/01/2017 01:00 PM
Gorran will elect new leader only after mourning period
Nawshirwan Mustafa, Gorran leader and founder, died on May 19

06/01/2017 11:30 AM
PM Barzani meets with representatives of Russian oil giant Rosneft

06/01/2017 02:55 AM
Seasonal tax on imports to give local farmers a boost
The tax will remain in place until the end of the local season

06/01/2017 02:27 AM
Enforcement of anti-smoking laws weak in Kurdistan
Smoking in public places is banned, but no one has been charged

06/01/2017 01:39 AM
Updated: Aziz Mohammed, former Iraqi communist leader, dies
Aziz Mohammed passed away on Wednesday at the age of 92

06/01/2017 12:58 AM
Kurdistan's wealthy could help reduce poverty through zakat
these tithes are currently given unsystematically

05/31/2017 11:28 PM
PM Barzani to meet with Putin
They are expected to discuss trade, fight against terror

05/31/2017 02:00 PM
KRG PM, senior delegation to attend Russian forum, meet with FM
The delegation seeks to encourage more Russian investment in oil and gas.

05/31/2017 12:05 PM
KDP plans to reactivate Kurdistan Region parliament without Speaker
KDP wants to see the parliament in session in June

05/31/2017 02:56 AM
Maliki vs. Barzani: Ex-Iraqi PM, Kurdish presidency in volatile exchange
Kurdish presidency: Maliki should have taken his own life Maliki: use of force may be necessary to “deter” Barzani.

05/31/2017 12:55 AM
Low taxes, easy availability behind high smoking rates in Kurdistan
23 percent of adults smoke, higher than world average of 21 percent

05/30/2017 10:35 PM
Peshmerga issue warning to Shiite force
Those who try to enter Kurdish territory will “beat their heads against the mountains of Kurdistan.”

05/30/2017 06:42 PM
In Kirkuk: Kurdish police free ISIS hostage, killing abductors
One police officer was shot dead

05/30/2017 05:50 PM
Kirkuk to send electricity to war-torn Mosul at Baghdad’s behest
If it is at the expense of Kirkuk, we will not accept that

05/30/2017 04:55 PM
Shiite forces control mass grave sites in Yezidi areas of Shingal
five more mass graves were also discovered in Kocho

05/30/2017 03:10 PM
Kirkuk authorities catch man selling dangerous alcohol-drug mixtures
His technique for making the alcohol boosted his market share

05/30/2017 02:08 PM
Release of more bears into Kurdistan mountains planned
Bears released in April are living along the Kurdistan-Iran border

05/30/2017 12:45 PM
More than 400 children in Sulaimani forced to beg, live on busy streets
a centre will be established for these child beggars to take them off the streets

05/30/2017 01:10 AM
Rudaw marks fourth anniversary
Rudaw is today known to everyone in Kurdistan and every Kurd around the world

05/30/2017 12:01 AM
Strong ties affirmed in French ambassador’s farewell visit to Kurdistan
Ambassador Marc Barety visited President Masoud Barzani

05/29/2017 09:50 PM
Photos: Breaking Ramadan fast with Sulaimani’s poor
Costs are being covered by local businessmen and philanthropists

05/29/2017 07:30 PM
Turkmen official shot by Kurdish security at checkpoint dies
She was riding in a bus that security officials say did not follow the orders

05/29/2017 05:57 PM
Fire breaks out at Kirkuk oil well likely from a bomb - police
The fire that began in the early hours on Monday has not been contained

05/29/2017 03:00 PM
More than $5 million paid in ransom for release of Yezidis
more than 3,000 Yezidis have been rescued, including 1,589 children

05/29/2017 01:29 AM
Honour, shame and Facebook, Kurdish woman falls victim to fake lover
He asked that she should sleep with him ... otherwise he will publish her photos or videos

05/28/2017 03:50 PM
Martial law should be imposed in Chamchamal city, official says
Peshmerga and local groups will initially ensure security

05/28/2017 12:00 PM
Kurdish Peshmerga forces repel ISIS attack near Tuz Khurmatu
“Unfortunately, some Peshmerga soldiers were wounded

05/28/2017 02:56 AM
Hashd says it handed over Kocho village to Yezidis, vows to remain
Hashd forces will stay in the village to provide support to the Yezidi fighters in Kocho

05/28/2017 02:08 AM
Erbil security agency denies it exercises pressure on HDP office
HDP has said that the Kurdish security increasingly limits their activities in Erbil

05/28/2017 01:00 AM
Professor who called President Barzani term ‘illegal’: disappointed with fake news
some news outlets...were exaggerating the problems that were created by my talk

05/27/2017 12:30 AM
Second patient dies following liver transplant by visiting American team
Second patient was in a coma since the surgery on Monday

05/26/2017 09:28 PM
Shiite force says they do not need Kurdish consent to enter Shingal
Hashd al-Shaabi vowed to 'enter Shingal' and take control of areas from ISIS

05/26/2017 05:35 PM
Nadia Murad warns against rivalries after her home of Kocho is captured
"So I ask the liberating forces to keep all evidence

05/26/2017 02:55 AM
Kurdistan has strong case for independence, argue int’l experts
Iraq will be Kurdistan's 'best friend' so amicable separation is vital

05/26/2017 01:23 AM
KDP firm on holding independence vote despite party differences
Major differences persist between political parties

05/25/2017 05:18 PM
Shiite forces capture symbolic Yezidi town of Kocho from ISIS in Shingal
The operation aims to control western Nineveh

05/25/2017 11:45 AM
Death of Gorran leader jeopardises political deal with PUK, veteran politician
leadership crisis for Gorran might happen after Mustafa

05/25/2017 02:54 AM
Peshmerga announce blood donor campaign
A mobile team from a state-run center will visit Peshmerga positions

05/25/2017 12:55 AM
Duhok family seeks answers after liver donor dies in surgery
The transplant was conducted by a visiting American team

05/24/2017 11:40 PM
Kurdistan electoral commission begins prep for November vote
We will ask representatives of the political parties for a meeting next week to discuss some questions,”

05/24/2017 10:28 PM
Turkmen parties not flying Kurdistan flag in Kirkuk
Kirkuk Provincial Council sent a final warning to those not willing to raise the flag

05/24/2017 07:00 PM
Yezidis join Hashd al-Shaabi battling ISIS in Shingal region
Mandkan chieftan joined Hashd al-Shaabi

05/24/2017 05:30 PM
Fears that divisions among Nineveh’s Christians may threaten security
Rival forces are protecting Christian towns and villages

05/24/2017 04:04 PM
PM Barzani: Baghdad-Erbil relations akin to landlord and tenant, neither party likes it
“Kurdistan has never had a better opportunity throughout its history to determine its fate,”

05/24/2017 02:25 PM
US defense intelligence calls 'Kurdish independence' inevitable
"it is probably not if but when

05/24/2017 11:37 AM
Intellectuals, politicians discussing Kurdish crossroads at UKH conference
“We believe that our Conference comes at a pivotal time

05/24/2017 01:41 AM
Kurdistan holds first mountaineering competition
It involved a 4 km run, a climb reaching the top of 1,600m Azmar mountain in Sulaimani

05/23/2017 11:05 PM
Number of Kurdish travellers visiting Turkey doubles
'We sold around 15 to 20 tickets a day last year, now we sell maybe 60 to 70 tickets a day

05/23/2017 09:36 PM
Iraqi president calling Yezidis ‘remnants of Zoroastrianism’ sparks anger
“They are the remnants of Zoroastrianism and mixed with it are some Islamic laws,”

05/23/2017 07:33 PM
In Erbil: Enthusiasts enjoy affiliated soccer's return to Iraq
The game ended in a 1-1 draw

05/23/2017 03:01 AM
UN: Kurdistan does not immediately declare independence after referendum
UN says Kurdistan to hold referendum in 2017

05/23/2017 01:57 AM
Future of Gorran party after death of leader
‘Nawshirwan died a tireless patriot’

05/22/2017 08:31 PM
Kurdish factions divided on joining in Iraqi elections
“There is a possibility we might not participate in Iraq’s next parliamentary elections,”

05/22/2017 06:10 PM
Kurdistan Region hosts Iraq’s first international sporting event in 4 years
authorities have been promoting tourism

05/22/2017 04:40 PM
PM Barzani visits Nawshirwan Mustafa's tomb to pay respect to the Kurdish leader
Barzani hailed Mustafa as an influential leader

05/21/2017 11:50 AM
Kurdish opposition Gorran has no plans to unify with PUK after death of founder
the unification talk is not on our agenda, and frankly, it will never be,”

05/21/2017 12:30 AM
Turkish club opens football academy for Kirkuk Turkmens
16 different Turkmen flags in a ceremony, representing Turkmens in 16 countries.

05/20/2017 12:23 PM
UPDATE: Nawshirwan Mustafa, Gorran leader, laid to rest in Sulaimani
Mustafa, 73, passed away on Friday after a long illness

05/19/2017 09:13 PM
Gorran leader Nawshirwan Mustafa dies at 73 after long battle with illness
He "died at 8 in the morning on Friday after a long battle with illness,"

08/02/2014 06:22 PM
Iraqi Refugees at UNHCR Camp in Kurdistan Region

08/01/2014 04:42 AM
State Department: US Has no Ban on Oil Sales from Any Part of Iraq
“Iraq’s energy resources belong to all of the Iraqi people."