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02/21/2018 03:09 AM
Venezuela Launches Virtual Currency, Hoping to Resuscitate Economy
Government officials are hoping to spur vitally needed imports like food and medicine and, perhaps, give investors a way of skirting American sanctions.

02/21/2018 02:12 AM
Albertsons Is Buying Rite Aid. Walmart’s Stock Falls. There’s a Common Rival.
The grocery chain’s deal and the retail giant’s drop in profits are the latest signs of the pressure that Amazon is putting on traditional businesses.

02/21/2018 02:03 AM
Right-Wing Media Uses Parkland Shooting as Conspiracy Fodder
Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and Jack Kingston express suspicion toward the teenage survivors. The website Gateway Pundit claims they were coached.

02/21/2018 01:21 AM
KFC Has a Problem in Britain: Not Enough Chicken
The company found itself struggling with shortages, with a hiccup in its supply chain forcing the closure of hundreds of outlets.

02/21/2018 12:51 AM
David Poindexter, 89, Who Used Media to Preach Family Planning, Dies
A Methodist minister, he saw TV and radio programming — soap operas, in particular — as effective tools to teach the world about population control.

02/21/2018 12:51 AM
Good News: A.I. Is Getting Cheaper. That’s Also Bad News.
The building blocks of A.I. are becoming more affordable and easier to work with. A new report explains why that opens the door to additional risks.

02/20/2018 11:22 PM
On Social Media, Lax Enforcement Lets Impostor Accounts Thrive
Millions of “bots” posing as real users are promoting celebrities, spreading misinformation and sowing discord. And it’s far easier to build a bot than to kill one.

02/20/2018 11:11 PM
Judge Deals AT&T a Setback: DealBook Briefing
The decision by a federal judge hampers the company’s argument that politics influenced the government’s move to block its $85 billion merger with Time Warner.

02/20/2018 10:20 PM
AT&T Loses Bid to Obtain White House Call Logs
The decision by a federal judge hampers the company’s argument that politics influenced the government’s move to block its $85 billion merger with Time Warner.

02/20/2018 09:42 PM
Why a Republican Plan for Paid Leave Has Stirred Concern About Social Security
A proposal would allow people to collect Social Security after a birth, but there’s a catch.

02/20/2018 09:34 PM
Analysis: Questions for Facebook About Russia’s Use of Its Network
As Robert S. Mueller’s investigation rolls on, calls for Facebook to provide more information could grow louder.

02/20/2018 08:15 PM
Economic Scene: Come the Recession, Don’t Count on That Safety Net
Republicans seek a leaner welfare system tying government benefits to hard work. But such benefits are worthless when there is no work to be had.

02/20/2018 07:28 PM
Walmart’s Online Sales Growth Lags as It Confronts Challenges
The nation’s largest retailer cited “operational challenges’’ during the holidays as part of the reason for slower growth in its e-commerce sales. Profits fell by 28 percent.

02/20/2018 07:23 PM
Square Feet: Philadelphia’s First Step to a Platform of Innovation
Drexel Square kicks off a 20-year, $3.5 billion development that aims to create a hub for technology and life-sciences companies called Schuylkill Yards.

02/20/2018 07:06 PM
Qualcomm, Moving to Fend Off Broadcom, Raises Bid for NXP to $44 Billion
The increased offer for a rival chip maker puts pressure on Broadcom to decide how hard it wants to push its hostile bid for Qualcomm.

02/20/2018 06:06 PM
Cochrane Journal: With 10 Million Acres in Patagonia, a National Park System Is Born
Two Americans snapped up large swaths of land in Chile, which they donated to a new conservation area that will be three times the size of Yosemite and Yellowstone combined.

02/20/2018 05:14 PM
Finding Produce in Alaska’s Long Winter Takes Wiles and Luck
Even in Anchorage, hunting down fresh fruit and vegetables can be like panning for gold. The smartest prospectors have a strategy.

02/20/2018 04:53 PM
Recent Commercial Real Estate Transactions
Recent commercial real estate transactions in New York.

02/20/2018 04:16 PM
Q&A: Next for Dream: Boutique Hotels in Belize and Tulum
Jay Stein explains why the hotel group known for luxury properties in places like New York is expanding to smaller cities in the United States and beyond.

02/20/2018 05:57 AM
A Director’s Apology Adds Momentum to South Korea’s #MeToo Movement
“I am ready to take all punishment, including legal responsibilities for my crimes,” said Lee Youn-taek, a theater director accused of sexual harassment.

02/20/2018 01:39 AM
DealBook: How Banks Could Control Gun Sales if Washington Won’t
As Corporate America espouses “social responsibility,” the financial industry could help limit sales of assault weapons, our columnist writes.

02/20/2018 01:00 AM
Fox News Plans a Streaming Service for ‘Superfans’
Fox Nation will focus primarily on right-leaning commentary and charge viewers a subscription fee.

02/19/2018 10:28 PM
Tax Overhaul Gains Public Support, Buoying Republicans
The upturn follows an aggressive advertising campaign by the party and coincides with an eroding Democratic lead in polls gauging midterm election prospects.

02/19/2018 10:10 PM
Why A.I. Researchers at Google Got Desks Next to the Boss
At Google, Facebook and other tech companies, executives are making statements about priorities with their seating charts.

02/19/2018 09:32 PM
There’s a Persistent Hum in This Canadian City, and No One Knows Why
Residents affected by the “Windsor Hum” complain of sleeplessness, depression and headaches. It is one of many mysterious sounds reported throughout the world.

02/19/2018 08:29 PM
Fact-Checking a Facebook Executive’s Comments on Russian Interference
Rob Goldman, Facebook vice president for ads, tweeted about Russia’s disinformation effort. President Trump then cited him. We fact-checked Mr. Goldman.

02/19/2018 08:12 PM
The C.E.O. Who Stood Up to President Trump: Ken Frazier Speaks Out
The head of Merck quit Mr. Trump’s business council after racial violence in Virginia, saying “as a matter of my own personal conscience, I could not remain.”

02/19/2018 07:10 PM
What Makes Public Radio ‘Very Personal’ Magnifies Its #MeToo Cases
Public broadcasting, which fosters an intimate relationship with its listeners and counts on their donations, is scrambling after the ouster of prominent figures over allegations of misbehavior.

02/19/2018 09:11 AM
The Week Ahead: A Short Market Week, Walmart Earnings and Warren Buffett’s Letter
The Berkshire Hathaway boss’s note could preview succession plans. Also, the Fed and the European Central Bank will release details of their recent meetings.

02/19/2018 07:27 AM
Tools of Trump’s Fixer: Payouts, Intimidation and the Tabloids
Beyond facilitating a $130,000 payment to silence a pornographic film actress, Donald Trump’s lawyer spent years making aggressive behind-the-scenes efforts to protect him.

02/19/2018 03:31 AM
We Have Streaming Revenue, Too, Says NBC. And We Can Prove It.
The network’s entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt says NBC has learned how to generate more cash from digital views, and keep track of it.

02/19/2018 01:32 AM
Advertising: Google Chrome Now Blocks Irksome Ads. That’s a Good Thing, Right?
The brower’s latest update filters out pop-up ads and other annoyances. It also strengthens Google’s grip on the web.

02/19/2018 12:32 AM
Bitcoin Thieves Threaten Real Violence for Virtual Currencies
Criminals have been going after big holders of Bitcoin and Ether, taking advantage of the ease with which vast virtual currency riches can be transferred.

02/19/2018 12:09 AM
1.5 Million Retirees Await Congressional Fix for a Pension Time Bomb
The agreement to increase government spending reached this month included a deal to craft what could effectively be a federal rescue for pension plans.

02/18/2018 08:59 PM
With $218 Million Haul, ‘Black Panther’ Smashes Box Office Records
The movie’s Presidents’ Day weekend ticket sales in North America — and a global total of $387 million — have upended Hollywood myths.

02/18/2018 08:19 PM
In Australia, Staying Loyal to Taiwan Can Mean Losing a Job
Chinese employers in Australia, mirroring Beijing’s strong-arm tactics, have fired workers who do not recognize Taiwan as part of China.

02/18/2018 04:18 AM
To Stir Discord in 2016, Russians Turned Most Often to Facebook
The special counsel’s indictment detailed how crucial Facebook and Instagram were to the Russian campaign to disrupt the presidential election.

02/17/2018 06:14 PM
In Wake of Florida Massacre, Gun Control Advocates Look to Connecticut
Connecticut, which passed a strict gun law after the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, has seen a sharp drop in the number of gun deaths.

02/17/2018 02:14 PM
My Life in WeWorld
What’s it like to live inside the WeWork bubble? I decided to find out.

02/17/2018 11:00 AM
The WeWork Manifesto: First, Office Space. Next, the World.
The brash, ambitious founders of WeWork, a global network of shared office spaces, want nothing less than to transform the way we work, live and play.

02/17/2018 10:01 AM
Christopher Bailey Takes a Final Walk Down the Burberry Runway
Mr. Bailey is leaving the company he led as both chief designer and C.E.O. A new management team now has to revive the brand’s critical and financial fortunes.

02/17/2018 05:15 AM
Wynn Resorts Will Not Pay Steve Wynn Severance
Mr. Wynn, who founded the casino company, will forgo up to $330 million in separation compensation and agreed to a two-year noncompete clause.

02/17/2018 12:34 AM
Gun Makers Are Reeling Even as Threat of Regulation Recedes
Although the industry has evaded tighter gun control laws, several manufacturers are struggling with bankruptcy and falling sales.

02/17/2018 12:21 AM
Google Legally Fired Diversity Memo Author, Labor Agency Says
The National Labor Relations Board said the search giant was within its rights when it dismissed an engineer who wrote a contentious memo on gender.

02/16/2018 11:58 PM
Lerone Bennett Jr., Historian of Black America, Dies at 89
Mr. Bennett, the author of “Before the Mayflower” and other books, was also a top editor at Ebony magazine for decades.

02/16/2018 11:41 PM
Media Memo: A Familiar Editorial Split After Parkland Shooting, but Not Everywhere
A surprise editorial in favor of gun control from the Trump-friendly New York Post appears among a deluge of argument and erroneous reporting.

02/16/2018 09:41 PM
Why American Companies Struggle in China
Venture capitalist Kai-Fu Lee, in an interview at The New York Times’s New Work Summit conference, explained what’s holding back American tech firms in China.