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05/23/2017 03:41 AM
Convicted Nigerian fraudster James Ibori wins £1 from UK
Ex-state governor James Ibori was illegally held in immigration detention, a UK court rules.

05/23/2017 02:06 AM
Acheampong dreams of playing in English Premier League
Ghana international Frank Acheampong reveals that he dreams of moving from Belgium to play in the English Premier League.

05/22/2017 11:08 PM
Traore signs new Monchengladbach deal
Guinea international winger Ibrahima Traore extends his stay with Bundesliga side Borussia Monchengladbach until 2021.

05/22/2017 10:34 PM
Guinea clinch first U20 World Cup point
Guinea picked up their first point at the Fifa under-20 World Cup after a 1-1 draw with England in Jeonju on Tuesday.

05/22/2017 01:12 PM
Makeshift army
The US and Uganda are stopping the hunt for notorious rebel leader Joseph Kony but he is still a threat.

05/22/2017 09:12 AM
Gambian ex-President Yahya Jammeh 'stole $50m' from state
Yahya Jammeh, who left the country in January, has had his remaining assets frozen by a court.

05/22/2017 06:10 AM
Migrant rescued from ship's rudder by Italy coastguard
Italy's coastguard pull a man to safety after he was left clinging to a ship's rudder in the Mediterranean.

05/22/2017 05:54 AM
Ethnic vote?
Ethnicity, corruption, social media and more of your questions on Kenya's election.

05/22/2017 05:11 AM
South Africa's Western Cape declares drought disaster
Southern African nations are reeling from a two-year drought, according to the UN.

05/22/2017 03:11 AM
UK racist jailed for attacking Somali woman
David Gallacher repeatedly kicked the Muslim woman, resulting in her losing her unborn baby.

05/22/2017 01:39 AM
Zimbabwe hunter 'crushed to death by shot elephant'
The elephant had reportedly picked up Theunis Botha with its trunk before being shot dead.

05/21/2017 10:11 PM
$5 solar light designed for Africa
Manchester's Inventid designed the SM100 solar light, which retails for $5 in African countries.

05/21/2017 12:23 PM
Will I be next?
Feelings are heightened in South Africa over the safety of women, writes the BBC's Nomsa Maseko following a series of violent attacks against women.

05/21/2017 04:19 AM
Egypt refers 48 to court over Coptic church bombings
The suspects are believed linked to attacks on Coptic churches claimed by the Islamic State group.

05/20/2017 10:36 PM
Chibok girls reunited with families
Eighty-two of the Chibok girls captured by Boko Haram in 2014 have been returned to their families. The whereabouts of more than 100 girls is still unknown.

05/20/2017 06:33 AM
Chibok girls: 82 reunited with families in Nigeria
The girls, kidnapped in 2014, were released two weeks ago and have finally met their parents.

05/19/2017 12:19 PM
'Our pyramids are bigger'
Why a bitter row has broken out between Egyptians and Sudanese on social media.

05/19/2017 12:58 AM
Will the Ivory Coast mutiny affect business?
A mutiny by soldiers in Ivory Coast is threatening to destabilise business confidence in the country.

05/18/2017 09:06 PM
'I got hooked on Shakespeare, it was an outlet'
A group of homeless men in downtown Johannesburg, South Africa, have found solace and hope in performing Shakespeare plays.

05/18/2017 02:20 PM
Africa's week in pictures: 12 - 18 May 2017
A selection of the best photos from across Africa this week.

05/18/2017 11:09 AM
Alastair Leithead: After Boko Haram
In April 2014 Islamist militants kidnapped 276 girls from their school in Chibok in north-eastern Nigeria.

05/16/2017 01:17 PM
The deal maker
The lawyer behind the release of 82 women captured by Nigeria's militant Islamist group Boko Haram.

05/14/2017 11:45 AM
Tomi Oladipo: Is Africa facing a new wave of piracy?
A rise in seizures off the continent raises fears of a new era of maritime crime.

05/14/2017 11:35 AM
Wearing the trousers
Pili Hussein wanted to make her fortune mining for gemstones in Tanzania, and wasn't put off by the fact that women weren't allowed in the mines

05/10/2017 11:30 AM
Mary Harper: How do you solve a problem like Somalia?
Can the latest international conference help the troubled state?

05/01/2017 03:48 AM
Mannir Dan Ali: Buhari's health
In our series of letters from African journalists, Mannir Dan Ali writes that President Muhamadu Buhari has been accused of being as secretive about his health as his US counterpart Donald Trump has been about his tax returns.

04/24/2017 10:14 PM
Tradesmen of Kumasi
Documenting the workplaces of a generation of Ghanaians.

04/11/2017 11:14 AM
Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani: Price of sinning
In our series of letters from African journalists, Nigerian writer Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani looks into the culture of blind belief in destiny.

04/05/2017 11:27 AM
Elizabeth Ohene: Remembering Kathy
Elizabeth Ohene reminisces about meeting the late South African anti-apartheid hero Ahmed Kathrada.

04/02/2017 12:11 PM
River of life
Solving the water crisis for South Sudanese refugees.

03/21/2017 01:14 PM
Yousra Elbagir: Sudan's uncensored poets
In our series of letters from African journalists Yousra Elbagir looks at Sudan's rich history of lyrical resistance at a time of state censorship and control.

03/14/2017 12:17 PM
Living with volcanoes
The archipelago where the landscape is idyllic but life tough.

03/03/2017 01:11 PM
Nigeria's soot city
A mysterious case of pollution has turned Port Harcourt, known as "The Garden City", into a city covered in soot.

03/01/2017 12:45 PM
Saving Zanzibar
A group of local artisans is trying to preserve their island's buildings.

02/26/2017 12:21 PM
World's vainest people?
How the men of Chad's Wodaabe culture go about finding their brides at a desert festival where the stress is on make-up and clothes.

02/18/2017 01:27 PM
Drought battle
Kenyan herders are giving their own food to animals to keep them alive during the severe drought.

12/30/2016 12:24 PM
Africa's 2016 in pictures
A selection of the most striking news images from the African continent this year.