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04/28/2014 07:26 PM
Top Degrees For Recent Grads –
A recent Yahoo! Education article discussed top degrees for recent graduates.  The article listed five degrees with high unemployment rates and five degrees with lower than average unemployment rates.  The statistics in the article were based on a study by … Continue reading

03/16/2014 07:18 PM
US News MBA Rankings 2015 –
The US News ranked the top MBA programs for 2015 and three business schools tied for number one.  The three business schools tied for the number one rank are Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton.  The University of Chicago was ranked number four and … Continue reading

02/26/2014 09:36 PM
U.S. Treasury Kids Zone –
The U.S. Department of Treasury site provides information on the Treasury, lesson plans for teachers, and a Kids Zone.  There are lesson plans for personal finance, currency, and financial literacy.  The Kids Zone has links for child friendly sites which … Continue reading

01/30/2014 10:11 PM
US News Best Jobs Rankings 2014 –
The US News has rankings for the best jobs in 2014.  US News ranked the top 100 jobs and also provides the rankings by industry.  A few of the industries in the rankings are business, technology, and health care.  The … Continue reading

12/22/2013 07:44 PM
Financial Career Sites –
There are financial career sites that provide career news as well as high quality job listings.  OneWire and eFinancial Careers are two career sites directed towards the financial industry.  The Ladders also provides financial positions on their career site. To visit … Continue reading

11/18/2013 09:45 PM
MSN Careers –
MSN Careers has news, articles, advice, and a job search engine.  The search engine allows searches by location, job category, industry, and salary range.  Recent articles on MSN Careers discuss the fastest growing career fields, tips for interviewing, and career … Continue reading

10/24/2013 08:58 PM
USA Jobs Career Site –
The U.S. Office of Personnel Management site,, is a free site that provides Federal job listings.  The site has a search engine that allows job seekers to search by keyword, location, salary, and agency.  The site also has an area … Continue reading

09/16/2013 10:22 PM
US News: National University Rankings 2014 –
Princeton University was ranked as the number one national university by US News.  Harvard University fell to second in the 2014 rankings.  Harvard was tied for number one with Princeton in the 2013 rankings.  Yale University was third in the rankings … Continue reading

08/11/2013 07:45 PM
Smithsonian Education –
Smithsonian Education provides resources for students, educators, and families.  Smithsonian Education has lesson plans for subjects that include science and technology.  The lesson plans are for grades pre-K through 12.   In addition, Smithsonian Education offers family friendly ideas for a visit to Washington DC.  Smithsonian … Continue reading

07/14/2013 07:06 PM
Federal Reserve Education –
The Federal Reserve Education site provides information about the history and structure of the Federal Reserve.  There are also materials on monetary policy, banking, and personal finance.  In addition, the Federal Reserve Education site has classroom resources which include lesson plans, activities, … Continue reading

06/18/2013 07:15 PM
State Job Markets For Five Top Careers –
A recent Yahoo! Education article analyzed five top careers with high projected job growth.  For each career, the Yahoo! Education article lists the states with the highest average salary and the highest number of jobs.  The top five careers discussed in the article included accountants.  … Continue reading

05/28/2013 08:56 PM
US News Best Engineering Schools 2014 –
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was ranked as the number one graduate engineering program by US News.  Stanford University was ranked second and the University of California Berkeley was ranked third.  The California Institute of Technology finished fourth in the US … Continue reading

03/07/2013 09:27 PM
US News Graduate School Rankings 2014 –
US News will publish the 2014 graduate school rankings on March 12th.  The graduate school rankings will cover business, law, engineering, education, and medical school.  The US News Graduate School Compass will provide additional data on the graduate programs. To visit … Continue reading

02/23/2013 10:53 PM
Jobs By College Major –
Monster has an article that discusses the highest paying jobs by college major.  A few of the majors listed in the article are accounting, computer science, economics, and mathematics.  The highest paying jobs for an economics major are portfolio manager, … Continue reading

02/04/2013 09:29 PM
MIT OpenCourseWare –
MIT OpenCourseWare is an initiative by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that provides over 2,000 courses free of charge.  There are courses available in most subjects which include business, mathematics, engineering, science, and medicine.  MIT OpenCourseWare offers undergraduate as well as … Continue reading