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The Boogie Report - Join today - The Network Community on a mission to promote & preserve America's true Art Form: R&B, Southern Soul, Blues, Jazz & Gospel Music ..

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From The Lost City Of Music - Macon, GA
"Hey Macon I need to let everyone know that we can't do it with out your help, we can't start promoting Macon to the World if we don't have your support and it's sad that on the day of the preview for the Lost City of Music, i could count how many people really want to see Macon Grow...
This your city I'm originally from New York and my associates are from ...Atlanta and we are ready to share with you our passion for your city and we are ready, willing and able to put Macon back on the Map, and not as the 21 most dangerous city in the World like some media has posted because it's not true, but as the Home of the creators and pioneers of Music.... We found the Lost City of Music and it's Macon, Georgia and we have proof......So Join us as we start our movement to promote a city that gave so much music to the World....Support the Movement so that we can start setting up our promotional campaigns starting with our Annual National Music and Film Conference and Festival that we want to have in Macon in the fall of 2013. We are also in the making of a partnership with a major music icon that is based in Atlanta to start the Macon Music Academy this music academy will be focus on redirecting our youth and young adults by teaching them creating jobs for them and keeping them focus on making a better life for them and there families.... Peace to everyone and may you have a Blessed Life and may all your goals and aspiration be achieved."

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Falisa Janaye in Heat Magazine

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