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08/31/2011 08:03 AM
What to do to get my modern house built?
You have wondered what exactly the steps are towards the making of a modern house. Do you need an architect, a builder, a developer, an interior designer, or an engineer? Generally speaking the steps towards a contemporary house are just the same as for any other home. Here are the abbreviated cliff notes on how to build a modern house: - First find a lot you like. Find one that is not inside a historic neighborhood with restrictions contrary to your wishes. And find a lot that is not subject to a Home Owners’ Association and its “architectural guidelines”. - Then purchase a set of modern house plans. Browse our selection of modern house plans and take a careful look, so you can imagine yourself living in them. If you cannot find anything to your liking, have a modern house custom designed for you. In most of the United States you will not need a licensed architect for it. There are many designers out there that can design a modern house for you with all its cool and trendy trimmings. Just as your are searching for plans right now, search for a design team that fits your ideas, wishes and sense of style. We at Dialect, the creators of Cool Modern House Plans, will certainly be happy to step in and design a house for you, as well. In most instances we do suggest for you to find someone local. We are offering our contemporary home plans as a cost effective means to offer our services nationwide, however, and can either make custom changes or start from scratch for a truly unique and custom modern house. We do custom design and build all our local projects. Working as a design builder we give all our house plans a practical touch to make them buildable, even in areas that have not seen much modern architecture yet. - A structural engineer is needed to ensure structural soundness in regards to local soil, wind, and other concerns and conditions, and where the construction drawings need to meet local building codes or design necessities. They are easy to find online or in the yellow pages. They can look over your construction drawings and amend them if necessary. We do suggest to always having a local engineer look over your drawings. - With a set of construction drawings at hand you can then address your lending institution for a financing plan, as well as a builder for a quote. We suggest that you talk to several banks, as well as several builders, to get a good understanding of the options for you. - Once you have settled on both your finances and your builder, most cities and counties require for you to get a building permit. In some jurisdiction you are also required to submit your construction drawings, sealed by an engineer, for a plan review. - After that: just commence with the construction. Build it yourself if you feel up to it. If you have a builder do it for you, be on the construction site daily. Have yourself familiarized with the plans so that you can spot deviations. Know what to look for, so that your modern house plans turn into the modern house you have envisioned. Look for some more pointers and links in our general guidelines section. A developer is certainly not needed for your own home. But go ahead and involve an interior designer versed in modern architecture if you like. They give your project just the right final touch. Or just trust your good taste. Happy hunting and good luck! Just be assured that a modern house is no different from any other house in terms of getting it built. It just simply meets your sense of style and preferences of living. A modern life can be housed. Create the right environment for you!

06/20/2009 04:18 AM
What do we offer?
The information you find at Cool Modern House Plans and at Dialect Design about modern house plans is for future private home owners and also builders. If you are an individual who wants to live in a modern house, these sites are for you. Our services will give you the most vital tools to move forward in making your dream of a contemporary dwelling reality. With us you can either pick from our stock plans of construction drawings or dive into the development of a custom design just for you. There are really just a few simple steps to take. All you need to do is to browse our web sites and start a conversation with us at any time.

04/28/2009 01:55 PM
What is the extended information?
At we offer extended information on all our sets of modern house plans designed by Dialect Design. Each modern home has its own RSS feed showcasing more in-depth information. We will continuously add more insight into our ideas and though process behind each contemporary home. It will be worthwhile to return periodically as we update the information and also answer our customers questions.

04/25/2009 06:09 AM
How do I navigate the mobile section of this site?
At mobile section we fashioned the navigation between each unique house after the I-phone. The little dots above the image of each house are buttons to the mobile “flash card” of each contemporary house.

04/25/2009 04:48 AM
What is this site about? is the online shopping and selection site for modern house plans created by Dialect Design. It is set up to let you browse our selection of modern house plans and to read up on some information regarding the construction process. You will find more information on our extended services about green modern living at Cool Modern House Plans is also set up for you to use on your mobile phone. We will increase it's user friendliness and options as we will continuously develop this site. Enjoy our unique home plans and don't forget to visit us at Dialect Design.