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10 Things Blog | TechRepublic

02/06/2018 08:00 AM
Delivering bad news: 10 tips for doing it right
Giving someone bad news is never easy, but there are right ways and wrong ways of going about it. Here are some pointers on the best methods for sharing unpleasant information.

09/05/2017 05:16 PM
Don't believe the hype, AGPL open source licensing is toxic and unpopular
Despite Black Duck's attempts to hype the AGPL, there are very good reasons to believe it's not the ideal open source license.

10/17/2016 02:48 PM
10 ways to shrink your IT budget without killing progress
If you're looking for ideas on how to reduce IT spending without halting forward progress, these tips will come in handy.

07/07/2016 05:06 PM
10 acquisition pitfalls IT should watch out for
During a corporate acquisition, the job of merging systems, processes, and people rests heavily on IT. This list will help you sidestep some of the most common obstacles and gotchas.

07/06/2016 02:22 PM
10 mobile security myths that need debunking
Mobile devices have introduced plenty of legitimate concerns, but there are some misconceptions floating around that may lead companies to focus on the wrong issues--or to ignore the real risks.

06/22/2016 09:07 PM
10 things you should know about deploying a software defined network
It's early days for SDN deployments, and organizations need to navigate some tricky currents to reap the benefits.

06/16/2016 03:40 PM
10 things I learned about people while working in IT
If you've spent any time in IT, you know that human interaction is a big part of the job. And while you're interacting with those people, you'll learn a thing or two. Or 10.

06/02/2016 08:56 PM
‚Äč10 forgotten (but still useful) tips for Microsoft Word
Plenty of Microsoft Word commands have gathered a bit of dust over the years, but that doesn't mean they aren't useful for those who remember them. Here are 10 tricks you may find handy.

06/02/2016 05:51 PM
10 ways to improve time-to-market for your applications
IT is under increasing pressure to move at a breakneck speed, rapidly delivering solutions that support business goals and allow the company to stay competitive. These 10 tips can help.

05/31/2016 09:05 PM
10 things you should know about running an IoT project function
IoT projects are still uncharted territory for most organizations, IT managers, and business leaders. This list will help keep the challenges in perspective.