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David Alan Carmichael

03/18/2015 01:26 AM
Church's Duty To Ignore Obamacare 'Mandate'
The church, for lack of knowledge, has abandoned its autonomy for the sake of becoming a beneficiary of the state (federal state). They must have the courage to recover their autonomy, exercise their immunity, and not abide a 'civil' law that violates both revealed and natural law. John Marshall, in Marbury v. Madison, said that a 'civil' law that is repugnant to the Constitution is void. John Marshall was merely reiterating a maxim earlier published by men like sirs Edward Coke and William Blackstone who said any positive law (civil statute) that violates revealed and natural law is void.

03/14/2015 12:31 PM
Institutionalized Racism
Former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry said the George Zimmerman verdict was an example showing that America suffers from "institutionalized racism." I agree with Marion Barry, the Travon Martin / George Zimmerman event and controversy does spotlight institutionalized racism but not the institution of Marion Barry's inference. Marion Barry, like the mass of the media, exhibits being in bed with the institution of which he complains. Institutional racism is exhibited in the hearts of men that hold an entire society accountable for the sins of one man, motivated by where their skin falls on the spectrum of brown in comparison with the one with whom they take offense.

03/12/2015 02:10 AM
Retribution - Is it fair? Is it Just?
Sonja Sotomeyer determined, for the sake of fairness, a fireman can be excluded from promotion on the basis of his having light skin. Should the current generation be punished for sins of past generations?

02/19/2015 11:53 AM
Heroes, Cowards, and Charlatans
Stark comparison between Charles Ramsey, the man who saved the life of Amanda Berry, and Silvia Brown who falsely pronounced Amanda's death ten years earlier. Wesley Autrey is highlighted as a stark example of a real hero.

12/16/2014 09:01 AM
What's Good About America?
Is there sufficient reason to hope in America notwithstanding the progression of control and oppression? Has America cast away her moorings completely? Listen to the comments of John & Abigail Adams regarding what was then good about America.

12/05/2014 06:10 AM
Whose Child Is It Anyway?
Is it society, the magistrate, the mom, or dad, who has the power to endow a child with its, historically Christian, 'legal' name? Both unmarried parents agree that their son should be named Messiah, but the Father wants credit for his patronage (Father's family name) and the Mother wants the son to have no association with the non-husband father's name. The Chancellor has been called in to determine and declare the rightful sir name according to lawful or equitable rights of the parents and child. To everyone's surprise, the judge took offence at the first name "Messiah" saying, "The word Messiah is a title and the title has only been earned by one person and that one person is Jesus Christ." The judge speculated that the boy might be harassed in Cocke County, Tennessee by children in the predominantly Christian population. David explains the biblical context of the name/term/title that we've transposed to Messiah where it referred to Saul, David, and Jesus. He discusses the dangers of judges reaching beyond the matters of the controversy and of resting on mere speculation.

11/28/2014 07:46 AM
National ID MARC'd For You
Congress, States, and private interests are advancing a national identification program that requires every person in America to render the marks on their forehead and right hand in association with their uniquely numbered identity. Imagine hiring somebody who may not be able to let themselves give a number or the marks on their forehead because of their religion. Would somebody with biblical faith have the courage to hire such a non-conformist? I wonder how many church ministries have the courage. David provides information that will be a horrific shock to those whose comfort rests in their well-settled eschatology but who may be yet in jeopardy. Our freedom comes in proportion to our faith.

11/18/2014 08:26 AM
Sanity Stands Strong Against Media
Public school and expressions of religion. A parent complains that a teacher pushes emphasis on Islam in their child's worldview's class. Our review of the story is not merely about the topic of public school emphasis on a particular religion, but it is about media bias against a parent who cares about protection his child from the state controlling the emphasis regarding what their child is being subjected to. The second part of the show reviews a counter to media bias on the Washington Post's mocking of intolerant supporters of traditional marriage. The responder to the Post (A man who has served as a defense attorney, prosecutor, police administrator, assistant state attorney general; he worked criminal cases, juvenile cases, child support cases, dependency and neglect proceedings) said, "Traditional marriage is nothing less than the means by which ordered society has preserved itself from one generation to the next." Over the past decades marriage has been devalued by easy divorce, wide-spread cohabitation, and vast numbers of children born out of wedlock. The devaluation of marriage has caused burgeoning society to not take it seriously. What can we predict will come from the elevation of same-sex 'marriage' through its arbitrary and of course capricious legalization?

11/11/2014 09:55 AM
Marxism's Mangling of Marriage - Part 1
Marx & Engels hoped to advance mankind's evolution by campaigning for the eradication of moral boundaries for sexual conduct. After observing herding mammals, they conclude that the herd (society) is a higher form of evolution than the society of mere family. Jealous males inhibit evolution to this higher state. Worldviews of Marxists contrast the Christian worldview and reap negative consequences.

11/04/2014 04:53 AM
Hate-Crime Heresy
Is not murder an act of hate? "Whoever hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him" says John the Apostle. A "hate crime" classification is a stab in the heart of the U.S. Constitution rendering a death blow to federalism. Is 'federal' crime jurisdiction warranted when a light-skinned man is killed by a dark-skinned man on the city streets of Lakewood, Washington? Does it matter that they were both serving in the Army?

10/27/2014 06:27 AM
Is Government Evil?
Preservative Talk Radio Tennessee caller asserts that government is evil and David Alan Carmichael contradicts the statement from a biblical perspective. The ill fortunes from the exercise of government power result from evil men acting contrary to the Creator's authority rather than the institution of government itself being evil. "The Lord guards the path of the righteous and preserves the way of His saints." The listener then wrongly states that anarchy is a good thing. He believed that anarchy is the pure state of men living in peace without any government. David argues that anarchy is not what the caller believes it to be. Anarchy is that state of men in nature without any government except the government of each man, remaining in their fallen state, without the relationship with God. The pure state of men living in peace without any government of men, is a state of pure righteousness with men conforming to the absolute authority of the Jesus. David explains the difference between anarchy and righteous conformity to the government of the One to whom 'all authority' has been given. Then comes a story of an encounter with another caller named Theo. Superb real story.

10/22/2014 07:01 AM
The President of the United States stirred a controversy by asking Congress for permission to exercise war powers against the government of Syria. Both political parties decried the action, reproving him for not taking unilateral action. His Secretary of state said the President simply felt that he wanted to be inclusive. Boy am I relieved. For a minute there, I thought somebody was actually abiding by the rule book. Powerful perspective from the preservative paradigm is on this program propagated.

09/17/2014 07:27 AM
Was Jesus A Socialist?
After a end-of-show statement by a caller (Brian Moore - Socialist Party of America) that Jesus was a Socialist, David committed to address that statement on the next show available show. David exposes the subtleties of deceptive statements of those who want to justify totalitarianism on the basis of needing to ensure everyone is loving their neighbor.

09/10/2014 03:09 AM
Michael Connelly - USJF
Michael Connelly of the United States Justice Foundation ( says veterans who apply for V.A. benefits are being stripped of their gun rights. He tells about the work of the USJF to protect the constitution and rights of the people.