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10/20/2017 10:46 PM
Your brain knows when you've just died, researchers say
Researchers from New York’s NYU Langone School of Medicine said in an interview that people are aware that they died, and might be able to hear a doctor announcing their death.

10/20/2017 09:15 PM
Texas city requires no Israel boycott in exchange for hurricane relief
A civil rights group on Friday called unconstitutional a Houston suburb's hurricane repair grant program that says residents cannot boycott Israel as a condition of receiving any money.

10/20/2017 09:15 PM
Somalia to announce 'state of war' against al-Shabab following deadly truck bombing
President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed of Somalia is expected to announce a “state of war” against al-Shabab, the extremist group held responsible for last week’s deadly truck bombing that killed at least 358 people.

10/20/2017 08:45 PM
Kansas driver makes students 'feel good' with festive school bus decorations
Jan Dumcum, a bus driver for Goddard, Kan., helps bring morale to her students every day.

10/20/2017 08:00 PM
Court temporarily blocks undocumented teen from having abortion
A federal appeals court in Washington ruled Friday to temporarily block a pregnant teenager who entered the United States illegally from having the abortion she is seeking.

10/20/2017 07:36 PM
Niger attack leaves 4 US soldiers dead: What to know
Four U.S. service members were killed on Oct. 4 in Niger by Islamic militants, armed with rocket-propelled grenades and heavy machine guns.

10/20/2017 07:14 PM
Singer Selena Quintanilla to receive star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
Beloved Mexican-American singer Selena Quintanilla will be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame more than 20 years after her death.

10/20/2017 07:00 PM
Obama ambassador's testimony on intelligence unmasking raises new questions
Congressional testimony by President Barack Obama’s former ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, about the “unmasking” of U.S. citizens’ names she requested in hundreds of foreign intelligence intercepts by the National Security Agency, has raised new questions about how the sensitive information was ordered up, and subsequently handled.

10/20/2017 06:00 PM
Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson: White House 'is full of white supremacists'
Democratic Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson, in the midst of a public feud with the Trump administration over the treatment of a Gold Star family, said the “White House itself is full of white supremacists.”

10/20/2017 05:50 PM
Mexican prosecutor fired for revealing corruption probe
The Mexican government has fired the top electoral-crimes prosecutor for revealing an investigation that opponents say indicates possible corrupt financing for the ruling party.