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03/22/2018 05:44 AM
Theresa May warns EU of 'pattern of Russian aggression'
The EU summit is also expected to see leaders agree on the terms for a Brexit transition period.

03/22/2018 05:44 AM
Russian spy poisoning: Policeman discharged after Salisbury attack
Det Sgt Bailey said normal life would "probably never be the same" after being exposed to a nerve agent.

03/22/2018 05:25 AM
Duchess reveals 'favourite recipe' in last duties before maternity leave
The Duchess of Cambridge shares a recipe for buttered chicken during one of her final royal visits.

03/22/2018 05:20 AM
Donald Trump's top Russia lawyer John Dowd resigns
John Dowd is reported to have concluded that Mr Trump was increasingly ignoring his advice.

03/22/2018 05:12 AM
Trump announces $50bn in China tariffs
The White House argues that China encourages the theft or transfer of intellectual property.

03/22/2018 05:00 AM
US senators have snowball fight on Capitol Hill
Democrat Cory Booker and Republican Jeff Flake faced off on Capitol Hill in Washington DC.

03/22/2018 04:21 AM
Jose Mourinho: Man Utd boss says 'people with brains' understand team in transition
Man Utd boss Jose Mourinho says people with "a brain" and "common sense" appreciate the Red Devils are in a period of transition.

03/22/2018 04:11 AM
Facebook data - do we get what we deserve?
Who is at fault over the Facebook data row - did people hand over too much information too easily?

03/22/2018 03:31 AM
UK passports 'to be made in France after Brexit'
The existing UK manufacturer says it will be replaced by a Franco-Dutch one after Brexit.

03/22/2018 03:20 AM
China PR 0-6 Wales
Gareth Bale scores a hat-trick to become Wales' record goalscorer as Ryan Giggs starts his managerial reign with a comfortable victory over China.

03/22/2018 02:54 AM
Westminster Bridge attack victim's sister refuses to dwell on killer
Andreea Cristea fell into the river during the Westminster Bridge attack and died later in hospital.

03/22/2018 02:48 AM
Gareth Bale says becoming Wales' record scorer is career highlight
Gareth Bale becomes Wales' all-time record goalscorer with 29 international goals, breaking Ian Rush's record.

03/22/2018 02:40 AM
Pavilion Theatre saved after 'inferno' in Glasgow nightclub block
A fire chief has described entering the blaze in Victoria's nightclub as "facing a blowtorch".

03/22/2018 02:22 AM
NHS pay: What about the rest of the public sector?
NHS staff will receive pay rises above inflation for the first time in seven years. Will other employers follow suit?

03/22/2018 02:08 AM
Kingsnorth Power station chimney reduced to rubble
One of the most prominent landmarks in Kent has been reduced to rubble in a controlled explosion.

03/22/2018 02:07 AM
Football chiefs urged to investigate alleged historical racial abuse of players
Football chiefs are being urged to investigate the full scale of alleged historical racial abuse of players.

03/22/2018 02:01 AM
China Cup: China 0-6 Wales - highlights
Watch highlights as Gareth Bale scores a hat-trick to become Wales's record goalscorer, during their convincing 6-0 win over China in the China Cup.

03/22/2018 01:36 AM
Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero surprise Manchester City academy players
Sergio Aguero brings Argentina team-mate Lionel Messi to Manchester City's under-7s training session, and the kids look stunned.

03/22/2018 01:35 AM
Facebook data: What the social media giant knows about you
Downloading your Facebook data is dead easy - and very revealing, as Newsbeat's De'Graft Mensah found out.

03/22/2018 01:05 AM
More pupils take term-time holidays, data shows
But the proportion of parents being fined for taking children out of lessons without permission falls.

03/22/2018 12:58 AM
Bank vote hints at interest rate rise in May
UK rates remain unchanged at 0.5% but two Bank of England policymakers vote in favour of an increase.

03/21/2018 11:55 PM
Australian Grand Prix: Lewis Hamilton & Sebastian Vettel play down race for fifth title
Four-time world champions Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel are each bidding for a fifth in 2018, but both insist improvement is their main aim.

03/21/2018 10:29 PM
England 58 all out: Trevor Bayliss says players like 'deer in headlights'
Head coach Trevor Bayliss says England's players were like "deer in headlights" as they were bowled out for 58 by New Zealand.

03/21/2018 10:23 PM
Uber self-driving crash: Footage shows moment before impact
Police release footage of the moments leading up to a crash involving a self-driving car in Arizona.

03/21/2018 10:18 PM
Meet SoFi - the soft robot fish developed by MIT
Scientists hope a robotic fish will guide aquatic life and help clean up pollution in the ocean.

03/21/2018 09:50 PM
Police not fooled by 'plonker's' Del Boy driving licence
Officers seized the car and reported the driver to court for having no insurance.

03/21/2018 09:34 PM
The good people win, says terror attack MP
"It's the good people that win", says Tory MP Tobias Ellwood.

03/21/2018 09:07 PM
Curiosity rover: 2,000 days on Mars
The Nasa robot this week celebrates 2,000 martian days investigating the surface of the Red Planet.

03/21/2018 08:38 PM
Anger over Sheffield's plan to fell healthy trees
Sheffield City Council's plan to fell thousands of healthy trees prompts angry protests.

03/21/2018 07:28 PM
Why aren't more Muslim families fostering children?
A new report is trying to fight misconceptions about fostering and adoption in Muslim communities.

03/21/2018 01:38 PM
Jailed for murder, Spain domestic violence victim fights for pardon
Gloria Chochi is serving six years in prison in Spain for murder. She is now pinning her hopes of seeing her son on a rare pardon.

03/21/2018 01:38 PM
The community of 2,000 people with 151 cases of sex crime
In the small community of Tysfjord in northern Norway, sexual abuse was rife for decades. How come it was never stopped?

03/21/2018 01:26 PM
Water power: How one pump is helping an entire community
In Niger, the presence of clean water is helping to wash away some of a village's worries.

03/21/2018 01:14 PM
Kim Wilde says aliens inspired her pop comeback
The 80s pop star describes seeing a UFO in her back garden, and reveals how that inspired her album.

03/21/2018 12:22 PM
The day Muhammad Ali fought in Paisley - and was booed
The world champion was booed by Scottish boxing fans when he appeared at Paisley ice rink.

03/21/2018 11:02 AM
Baselworld: The watchmakers keeping Switzerland's traditions alive
Switzerland's famous small watchmakers and craftsmen hope the industry's sales slump is coming to an end.

03/21/2018 10:48 AM
Wanted: Robot wrangler. No experience required.
As we build more robots, more people will be needed to manage them, and they may not all be advanced engineers.

03/21/2018 04:38 AM
Eddie Woo: The maths teacher who became an unlikely star
Eddie Woo's high-energy lessons on YouTube are inspiring students around the globe.

03/20/2018 01:16 PM
Find out the gender pay gap where you work
About 70% of companies have still not revealed the difference in what they pay male and female employees.

03/19/2018 01:36 PM
'Everybody thinks it's only boys who join gangs'
Nequela Whittaker was once a feared gang leader in south London - now she tries to stop other young girls from taking that path.

03/18/2018 01:38 PM
Where are the UK's youngest and oldest cities?
Cities are often thought of as places for the young, but that's not always the case.

03/18/2018 01:32 PM
Who were my parents - and why was I left on a hillside to die?
In 1937 a nine-month-old girl was found hidden in a bush on the South Downs, with her hands tied. She has always wanted to know why.

03/16/2018 09:11 PM
A doctor's battle in Eastern Ghouta
As the Syrian government tightens its noose around the enclave, medical staff describe working in "hell on earth".

03/15/2018 11:17 PM
Child sexual exploitation: How the system failed
Grooming, rape and trafficking are just some of the ways children in the UK are being sexually exploited.

03/14/2018 03:07 PM
'I tried to kill myself nine times before the NHS helped me'
At the age of 17 Sherry Denness tried to kill herself nine times in 10 days, and only then got the help she needed.

03/10/2018 06:47 AM
Claudette Colvin: The 15-year-old who came before Rosa Parks
How Claudette Colvin helped spark America's Civil Rights Movement at the age of 15.

03/08/2018 01:32 PM
'My periods made me suicidal so I had a hysterectomy at 28'
For years, Lucie was treated for mental health problems - in fact she had a severe form of premenstrual syndrome.

02/21/2018 01:34 PM
'The story of a weird world I was warned never to tell'
Pauline Dakin's childhood was full of secrets, disruption and unpleasant surprises - it wasn't until many years later that she found out why.

01/21/2018 07:22 PM
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