Inspiring Quotes

Inspiring quotes from Christians and America's Founding Fathers.

11/14/2011 07:57 AM
Luther Teaches on Prayer
“Just imagine how you would like it if a person were to entreat you earnestly and then conclude by saying, “But I do not believe that you will give it to me,” although you would surely have given it to him! You would regard his petition as mockery and would retract your promise, and perhaps even punish him. How, then, can we expect it to please God, who promises to grant our petition, when our doubt gives him the lie, when in our prayer we act contrary to the prayer, when we insult his truthfulness, which we invoke in our prayer?...(more)” - Luther

11/04/2011 06:26 AM
It Takes the Whole Heart to Pray
"The men of olden times who wrought well in prayer, who brought the largest things to pass, who moved God to do great things, were those who were entirely given over to God in their praying. God wants, and must have, all that there is in man in answering his prayers. He must have whole-hearted men through whom to work out His purposes and plans concerning men. God must have men in their entirety. No double-minded man need apply. No vacillating man can be used. No man with a divided allegiance to God, and the world and self, can do the praying that is needed." - E.M. Bounds

11/03/2011 01:18 AM
Legacy of Praying Saints
"William Carey read Brainerd's life story, and the dynamo started within the young soul-winner's breast, finally landing him on India's coral strand. At the flame of Brainerd's molten soul, the candle of Edward Payson's heart was lighted under God. Thus from just the diary of the pain-racked, cowhide-clad apostle to the North American Indians, Payson caught the motivating inspiration, and began at 20 a prayer life that almost eclipsed Brainerd's. To add yet another soul-kinsman of Brainerd's, another master of prayer, who tottered into his grave at the "ripe old age" of twenty-nine years, we speak of Robert Murray McCheyne. This giant in prayer was first magnetized to this "greatest of all human offices that the soul of man can exercise" by reading about Brainerd." - Leonard Ravenhill

10/29/2011 07:18 AM
Prayer Must Be Aflame
“Prayer must be aflame. Its ardour must consume. Prayer without fervour is as a sun without light or heat, or as a flower without beauty or fragrance. A soul devoted to God is a fervent soul, and prayer is the creature of that flame. He only can truly pray who is all aglow for holiness, for God, and for heaven.” – E.M. Bounds

10/27/2011 11:55 PM
Without Prayer Life Decays
“Perhaps no sin of omission more frequently occasions this than the neglect of private prayer; the want whereof cannot be supplied by any other ordinance whatever. Nothing can be more plain, than that the life of God in the soul does not continue, much less increase, unless we use all opportunities of communion with God, and pouring out our hearts before him. If, therefore, we are negligent of this, if we suffer lousiness, company, or any avocation whatever, to prevent these secret exercises of the soul, (or, which comes to the same thing, to make us hurry them over in a slight and careless manner,) that life will surely decay. And if we long or frequently intermit them, it will gradually die away” – John Wesley

10/27/2011 12:29 AM
It Takes the Whole Man to Pray
“It takes the whole man to pray till all the storms which agitate his soul are calmed to a great calm, till the stormy winds and waves cease as by a Godlike spell. It takes the whole man to pray till cruel tyrants and unjust rulers are changed in their natures and lives, as well as in their governing qualities, or till they cease to rule. It requires the entire man in praying till high and proud and unspiritual ecclesiastics become gentle, lowly and religious, till godliness and gravity bear rule in Church and in State, in home and in business, in public as well as in private life.” – E.M. Bounds

10/26/2011 01:02 AM
Hell Had No Peace
“Consider for a moment this man Paul. God and Paul were on intimate terms. Revelations were granted him. His servants were angels; at his fingertips were earthquakes. His Spirit-powered words shattered the fetters from the soul of a spirit-bound girl, who men had snared as a fortuneteller. In Corinth, this mighty man Paul drained apart of the Slough of Despond, and there on the devil's doorstep established a church. Later, he snatched souls from under the nose of Caesar, right from Caesar's own household. And before kings Paul was at home, for he said, "I count myself happy King Agrippa!" Paul also stormed the intellectual capital of the world (Mars Hill) with resurrection truth and thereby routed their learned. While Paul lived, hell had no peace.” - Ravenhill

10/25/2011 12:52 AM
We Need Men Like Elijah
“Elijah was a man skilled in the art of prayer, who altered the course of nature, strangled the economy of the nation, prayed and fire fell, prayed and people fell, prayed and rain fell. We need rain, rain, rain! The churches are so parched that seed cannot germinate. Our altars are dry, with no hot tears of penitents. Oh for an Elijah! When Israel cried for water, a man smote a rock, and that flinty fortress became a womb out of which a life-giving stream was born. "Is anything too hard for the Lord?" God send us a man that can smite the rock!” - Ravenhill

10/24/2011 02:15 AM
The Impact of Praying Parents
“The "closet" was a very small apartment betwixt the other two, having room only for a bed, a little table and a chair, with a diminutive window shedding diminutive light on the scene. This was the sanctuary of that cottage home. Thither daily, and oftentimes a day, generally after each meal, we saw our father retire, and "shut to the door"; and we children got to understand by a sort of spiritual instinct (for the thing was too sacred to be talked about) that prayers were being poured out there for us, as of old by the High Priest within the veil in the Most Holy Place. We occasionally heard the pathetic echoes of a trembling voice pleading as if for life, and we learned to slip out and in past that door on tiptoe not to disturb the holy colloquy....(More)”

10/19/2011 07:31 AM
It is Godly Business to Pray
“It is man’s business to pray; and it takes manly men to do it. It is godly business to pray and it takes godly men to do it. And it is godly men who give over themselves entirely to prayer. Prayer is far-reaching in its influence and in its gracious effects. It is intense and profound business which deals with God and His plans and purposes, and it takes whole-hearted men to do it. No half-hearted, half-brained, half-spirited effort will do for this serious, all-important, heavenly business. The whole heart, the whole brain, the whole spirit, must be in the matter of praying, which is so mightily to affect the characters and destinies of men.” – E.M. Bounds

10/18/2011 06:12 AM
Our Generation Needs a Praying Church
“For this sin-hungry age we need a prayer-hungry Church. We need to explore again the "exceeding great and precious promises of God." In "that great day," the fire of judgment is going to test the sort, not the size of the work we have done. That which is born in prayer will survive the test. Prayer does business with God. Prayer creates hunger for souls; hunger for souls creates prayer. The understanding soul prays; the praying soul gets understanding. To the soul who prays in self-owned weakness, the Lord gives His strength. Oh that we were men of like prayer as Elijah – a man subject to like passions as we are! Lord, let us pray!” - Ravenhill

10/17/2011 12:53 PM
Godly and Ungodly Destinies
"We cannot fail to be struck with the contrast between the bright, progressive, gracious development of Samuel and the fast downward course of Eli’s sons, who, madly grasping at base present gratification, lent none of their powers to God, but, forfeiting all the happiness of the future in time and eternity for the sake of short-lived sensual pleasure, went down quickly to dishonoured graves." – James Hastings

10/13/2011 11:47 PM
Incandescent Men Are Needed
“For this midnight hour, incandescent men are needed. On the day of Pentecost, the flame of the living God became the flame of the human heart to that glorious company. The Church began with these men in the "upper room" agonizing – and today is ending with men in the supper room organizing. The Church began in revival; we are ending sterile. Charter members of the Church were men of heat and no degrees; today many hold degrees, but have no heat! Ah, brethren, flame-hearted men are the crying need of the hour!” – Ravenhill

10/12/2011 09:43 AM
Coldness of Spirit Hinders Praying
"Prayers must be red hot. It is the fervent prayer that is effectual and that availeth. Coldness of spirit hinders praying; prayer cannot live in a wintry atmosphere. Chilly surroundings freeze out petitioning; and dry up the springs of supplication. It takes fire to make prayers go. Warmth of soul creates an atmosphere favourable to prayer, because it is favourable to fervency. By flame, prayer ascends to heaven. Yet fire is not fuss, nor heat, noise. Heat is intensity-something that glows and burns. Heaven is a mighty poor market for ice." - E.M. Bounds

10/11/2011 01:40 AM
God's Problem is Dead Fundamentalism
“The man who can get believers to praying would, under God, usher in the greatest revival that the world has ever known. There is no fault in God. He is able. God "is able to do… according to the power that worketh in us." God's problem today is not communism, nor yet Romanism, nor liberalism, nor Modernism. God's problem is – dead fundamentalism.” – Leonard Ravenhill

10/10/2011 05:37 AM
Prayer is the Divinest Philanthropy
“No little man can pray. No man with narrow views of God, of His plan to save men, and of the universal needs of all men, can pray effectually. It takes a broad-minded man, who understands God and His purposes in the atonement, to pray well. No cynic can pray. Prayer is the divinest philanthropy, as well as giant-great-heartedness. Prayer comes from a big heart, filled with thoughts about all men and with sympathies for all men.” – E.M. Bounds

10/08/2011 11:01 PM
Supernatural Work Needs Supernatural Poser
“Supernatural work needs supernatural power; and if you have it not, do not, I pray you, attempt to do the work alone, lest, like Samson, when his locks were shorn, you should become the jest of the Philistines. This supernatural force is the power of the Holy Ghost, the power of Jehovah Himself. It is a wonderful thing that God should condescend to work His marvels of grace through men.” - Spurgeon

10/08/2011 07:41 AM
Prayer is the Battle
“Prayer is not a preparation for the battle; it is the battle! The effectual, fervent prayer of the righteous preacher disarms the devil before the preacher gets into the pulpit. Preaching does not scare the devil (I wonder what his opinion is of most of our preaching). By prayer we put the devil out of bounds and claim the Holy Presence for the sanctuary – "Be a wall of fire round about us and the glory in the midst." Preaching is a time for public reaping after private weeping. We ascend the pulpit, deliver the heaven-breathed word, and then gather up the spoils for His glory. We set the traps in prayer, we gather the spoils after preaching. The more men pray, the less worldly they become. The less they pray, the more worldly they become. I am, of course, speaking of professing Christians at this point.” –Leonard Ravehill

10/07/2011 08:39 AM
Religion Sets Standards for All Human Actions
““Ye shall have just balances.” The shekel and the homer were to be fixed standards. If fraud be allowed to creep into our commercial scales and measures, the fraud will corrupt every transaction. The very heart of the mercantile system will be poisoned. Villany secreted here would spread as from a centre to the whole circumference of commerce. It is supremely important that men establish right standards of speech and conduct. If the exchange is to prosper, it must (like the throne) be established in righteousness. Over the portals of every shop, on the beam of every balance, engraved on every coin, ought the maxim to run in largest capitals, “Whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them!” – Spence-Jones

10/06/2011 11:57 PM
The Fear of God Maintains Justice
“Those that truly fear God will not dare to do any thing cruel or unjust. It was purely that which restrained him. He was thus generous, not that he might have praise of men, or serve a turn by his interest in the people, but purely for conscience’ sake, because of the fear of God. This will not only be a powerful, but an acceptable principle both of justice and charity.” – Matthew Henry

10/06/2011 11:02 PM
God Only Works Through Prayer
"God does nothing but in answer to prayer; and even they who have been converted to God without praying for it themselves, (which is exceeding rare,) were not without the prayers of others. Every new victory which a soul gains is the effect of a new prayer.” – John Wesley

10/06/2011 10:35 PM
No Man is Greater Than His Prayer Life
“No man is greater than his prayer life. The pastor who is not praying is playing; the people who are not praying are straying. The pulpit can be a shop window to display one's talents; the prayer closet allows no showing off. Poverty- stricken as the church is today in many things, she is most stricken here, in the place of prayer. We have many organizers, but few agonizers; many players and payers, few pray-ers; many singers, few clingers; lots of pastors, few wrestlers; many fears, few tears; much fashion, little passion; many interferers, few intercessors; many writers, but few fighters. Failing here we fail everywhere.” – Leonard Ravenhill

10/06/2011 10:38 AM
Believers Called to Forsake Corruption
“What separation from the world, what brave holiness, what self-denial, what heavenly walking with God ought to be seen in those who are chosen to be a peculiar people, the representatives of God on earth, and courtiers of the new Jerusalem above! As the world waxes worse and worse, it becomes men of God to become better and better. If sinners stoop lower, saints must rise higher, and show them that a regenerate life cannot share in the general corruption.” -Spurgeon

10/06/2011 03:00 AM
Give Me Revival or Give Me Death
“Perhaps we should get near Patrick Henry's language this way: "Is life's span so dear and are home comforts so engrossing as to be purchased with my unfaithfulness and dry-eyed prayerlessness? At the final bar of God, shall the perishing millions accuse me of materialism coated with a few Scripture verses? "Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, GIVE ME REVIVAL in my soul and did my church and in my nation – or GIVE ME DEATH!"” – Leonard Ravenhill

10/06/2011 12:44 AM
Spiritual Work Requires Spiritual Power
“Again, we may go astray by assuming that we can do spiritual work without spiritual power. I have heard the notion seriously advanced that whereas once to win men to Christ it was necessary to have a gift from the Holy Spirit, now religious movies make it possible for anyone to win souls, without such spiritual anointing! "Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad." Surely such a notion is madness, but until now I have not heard it challenged among the evangelicals.” – Tozer

10/05/2011 11:31 PM
Revival Changes the Moral Climate of a Nation
"Revival to the European believers is correctly thought of as an awakening, such as the nation-transforming visitation from God through George Whitefield and then the Wesleys in England. Or the Earth-shaking move of the Spirit in New England through Jonathan Edwards, later joined by Whitefield. Any true revival can be proven by the fact that it changed the moral climate of an area or a nation." - Leonard Ravenhill