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06/28/2017 09:16 PM
Not In My Name: Indians protest attacks on Muslims
Demonstrators stage silent protests in at least 10 Indian cities against wave of attacks on Muslims by 'cow vigilantes'.

06/28/2017 08:47 PM
Timeline: Key moments in Venezuela's crisis
A chronology of key events that have led to Venezuela's political unrest.

06/28/2017 08:33 PM
Nicolas Maduro puts Venezuela's army on alert
Venezuela's leader vows 'to defend peace' as he brands a grenade helicopter attack on the Supreme Court as coup attempt.

06/28/2017 08:27 PM
Major cyberattack sweeps globe, cripples computers
Malicious software paralyses thousands of business around the world and shut downs government agencies.

06/28/2017 08:26 PM
UN: Demand to shut Al Jazeera a threat to media freedom
UN rights expert says Saudi-led campaign to close the Al Jazeera network is a 'major blow to media pluralism'.

06/28/2017 08:25 PM
Police among six charged over 1989 Hillsborough crush
Twenty-eight years on, prosecutors say there is 'sufficient evidence to charge six individuals with criminal offences'.

06/28/2017 07:55 PM
Qatar-Gulf crisis: All the latest updates
The latest news after some of the Gulf states and Egypt cut ties with Qatar and imposed a land, sea and air blockade.

06/28/2017 07:28 PM
Migrants 'stuck in Saudi' as Qatari bosses forced out
Rights body says Asian workers employed by Qataris in the kingdom have been left without accommodation and money.

06/28/2017 06:41 PM
Qatar to hire Swiss lawyers to sue Gulf blockade states
Rights body says Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain are 'responsible to compensate' those hit by the anti-Qatar measures.

06/28/2017 05:27 PM
As ISIL's 'caliphate' crumbles, its ideology remains
Analysts say the end of the self-proclaimed caliphate's territorial rule 'does not mean the end of ISIL'.

06/28/2017 03:54 PM
NewsGrid - Al Jazeera's interactive news hour
Live every day at 15:00 GMT, our interactive news bulletin gives you the opportunity to engage with our team directly.

06/28/2017 03:39 PM
Hamas creates no-go security zone on border with Egypt
Closed military zone building is part of deal with Egypt to boost security, Gaza's security official says.

06/28/2017 03:22 PM
Albania: The good news and the bad news
Will Albania descend into chaos as Macedonia did?

06/28/2017 03:14 PM
Yemen: 'World's worst cholera outbreak' mapped
A look at where the worst-hit areas are located in the war-torn country.

06/28/2017 03:10 PM
Qatar-Gulf crisis: All the latest updates - Week 1
The latest news after some of the Gulf states and Egypt cut ties with Qatar and imposed a land, sea and air blockade.

06/28/2017 03:06 PM
Qatar-Gulf crisis: All the latest updates - Week 2
News updates after some of the Gulf states and Egypt cut ties with Qatar and imposed a land, sea and air blockade.

06/28/2017 02:44 PM
Pope Francis: Suicide bombers are not 'martyrs'
The pontiff says true martyrs do not harm others as he addresses frequent attacks against Christian minorities.

06/28/2017 02:44 PM
Resisting injustice: Hunger strikes in US and Palestine
As long as there is unjust incarceration in the US and Israel, there will be hunger strikes of resistance.

06/28/2017 01:55 PM
UAE envoy: Gulf states considering new Qatar sanctions
Saudi-led bloc could take further action against Qatar by 'imposing conditions on trade partners', UAE envoy says.

06/28/2017 01:17 PM
Chicago officers indicted in Laquan McDonald shooting
Three Chicago officers charged with conspiracy in the death of a black teen, who died after police shot him 16 times.

06/28/2017 01:13 PM
Israel: 'Our education system ensures we're terrified'
An Israeli conscientious objector speaks out about racism and subjugation as the occupation enters its 51st year.

06/28/2017 01:03 PM
Millions vote in Nepal in crucial local elections
Nepalis vote for local representatives after yearlong delay because of insurgency and lengthy constitution drafting.

06/28/2017 01:02 PM
North Korea threat boosts bomb shelter sales in Japan
Japanese demand for private bomb shelters has grown as North Korea continues to carry out frequent missile tests.

06/28/2017 12:52 PM
Muslim girls 'racially abused' on Polish Holocaust trip
Group of German high school pupils say they were threatened and spat on during Holocaust study trip in Poland.

06/28/2017 12:47 PM
Decomposed bodies retrieved by military in Marawi City
Number of civilian deaths likely to increase, army says, as many bodies have yet to be recovered from ISIL-held Marawi.